Pricing your Workshops

As a host with Boomerang, you have full control over how you price your workshops. Here are some key considerations that can help determine your ticket price.

Know your audience

Consider that the Boomerang Community is made up of a mix of retired and semi-retired individuals, some of which are on a fixed income.

Know yourself & your workshop

What is your level of expertise in what you are offering? How unique is what you offer?

Conduct market research

What might a similar workshop be priced at elsewhere?

What does your target audience spend on a coffee, or on a dinner out?

What would you spend on your own workshop?

Factor in overhead costs

What is the cost of the Tools & Materials necessary to run your workshop? Consider including some of that cost into your final ticket price.

Be mindful of timing

When might the demand for your workshop increase or decrease? Consider the fact that our members are from all over Canada, in numerous time zones. It’s also helpful to take into account local events, seasonality, time of day or week, etc. Examples: if it is a holiday, or if the Oscars are on TV, you may see lower attendance.

Give workshops time to build

It can take a few weeks or more to gain traction and increase your following. Try to avoid making date or time changes too frequently.

Consider the below market research & ticket price ranges by category

active fitness.png
self care.png

Active Fitness & Movement Workshop

Meditation & Relaxation

Self Care & Personal Development

Health, Nutrition & Cooking








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