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Meet Elizz, a part of SE Health, a national non-profit social enterprise helping Canadians live and remain independent for over 110 years. Elizz caregivers are passionate and dedicated, providing a range of home care services to support you and your loved one. For Elizz caregivers this is more than a job; it’s their calling. Not only do they strive to offer excellent care, but they also want to make the kind of difference that brings a smile.

We’ve partnered with Elizz to make it easy for you to find and access essential resources and a caregiver network. 

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Elizz live class

Caring for Someone with Dementia

Date: Tues. Sept 28, 2022

Time: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT

Join caregiver coaches Jane Vock and Brenda Davie to discuss how dementia is much more than memory loss. In this class, you can expect to learn how caregivers can better cope and handle the behaviours and symptoms of dementia, understanding these behaviours in the context of dementia as a progressive disease. In this live class, you can expect to learn about the 8 A’s of brain changes in dementia, and how to help someone living with these changes.

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Meet Your Caregiving Coaches

Caregiving 101 & Dementia Care

Learn about caregiving and supporting individuals with Dementia from Elizz’s Caregiver Coaches, Jane & Brenda, by watching these specially produced videos below.

Becoming Caregiver Ready

You are more likely to reap the benefits of caregiving if you are prepared and feel ready for the role.  In this video, you will learn concrete ways to get prepared for taking on a caregiving role.

The Emotional Side of Caregiving

Caregiving is an emotional journey. Find out about the common emotions caregivers experience and learn how to handle the more challenging ones, like guilt and resentment.

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Caregivers often need to have difficult conversations about sensitive topics. Learn tips and strategies on how to best prepare for and have these conversations.

Caregiving and Self-Care

Learn about the meaning of self-care; why it is so important for caregivers, and learn a method developed by Elizz to help you start your self-care practice.

Dementia and Mindful Communications

How we approach and communicate can make all the difference in the world for caregivers and the person with dementia being cared for.

Dementia: Acknowledging Loss, Grief & Grieving

Learn about the losses and the different types of grieving that come with caring for someone living with dementia.

How to Help a Person with Dementia Live a Full & Engaged Life

Caregivers often need to have difficult conversations about sensitive topics. Learn tips and strategies on how to best prepare for and have these conversations.

How to Manage Common & Challenging Symptoms of Dementia

Learn how to respond to some of the most challenging symptoms of dementia for caregivers.

Caregiving with Elizz

Elizz is the trusted partner for families to receive private home care support in communities across Canada. Elizz caregivers are professionally trained, available 24/7, and are supported by an expert Care Team to provide families with the right care at the right time, whether it’s simple companionship or more advanced nursing care, or even planning and navigation help.

Elizz understands that caregiving can feel overwhelming at times. For this, Elizz created Canada’s largest caregiver resource library that contains actionable information, tips and tricks, and helpful content about caregiving, free for ALL caregivers.

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The Ins and Outs of Caregiving

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