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Part-time jobs to keep you busy in retirement

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

If there’s one thing we learned at Boomerang about retirement, it’s that there is no singular experience. Some of you are extremely well prepared while for many of you, retirement happens a bit suddenly. One common experience, though, is that when you’re not travelling or spending time with kids and grandkids, retirement can be a bit…boring. 

It’s almost amusing because we’ve been told all our working lives that free time is a luxury. Now that you’re retired or approaching retirement, that luxury becomes a gap that constantly needs to be filled. Boomerang is definitely one great way of occupying your time. If you’re interested in being a host, we actually pay. But there are other, more formal part-time jobs that can keep you occupied while you make a few dollars. 

Top part-time jobs for retirees in Toronto

Shuttle Bus Driver

Potential Salary: $34,000-$44,000 

There are actually companies that specialize in offering shuttle services to certain groups. So if you don’t mind exploring the city a few times a week, you can drive around individuals who are disabled, kids or even other seniors. It’s more like performing a civic duty as much as it is a part-time job. You may also need some specialized license so keep that in mind. 

Home Care Specialist 

Potential Salary: $53,000

Home care is about to become (if it’s not already) a huge demand throughout all of Canada. As our population continues to age, we’ll need as many able-bodied people as possible to take care of them. This is another job that requires a big heart as a prerequisite. It’s also a job where you can control how much you’re willing to handle. 

Building Concierge 

Female receptionist working at the front desk

Potential Salary: $35,000

This is a low-key part-time job. If you find the right placement, you’ll be able to spend most of your time reading and getting to know people in the building. You’ll need to have a genuine like of people and some patience, but a concierge is a low-pressure position that can still help you pay some bills. 


Potential Salary: $30,000

You know what this is about. You’ll be answering phones, dealing with walk-ins, and being an overall positive reflection of the company you’re working for. This tends to be a bit more fast-paced, but that also depends on the company. 


Potential Income: $17/hr 

A companion is a level or two down from a PSW (personal care assistant). Your main job is exactly what the job title entails: being a companion to another senior who needs in-home assistance. Most companies will offer some training, but it’s the emotional and psychological aspect of this position that can be the biggest challenge. There really is no way to prepare, so it’s something you’ll have to try before knowing if you can manage. 


Potential Salary: $10/hr plus tips

If you’re comfortable being on your feet and love conversation, then why not be a server. You don’t need to go to some big-box restaurant. Most local cafes or restaurants can use the help, particularly around the holidays. This is another job where you get to control your own hours plus the tips are usually worth it. You should probably visit the restaurant you’re thinking of working at first to get an idea of the type of traffic that comes through. Once you’re confident you can take orders and hold a conversation, give it a try.  


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