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Finding Your Passion

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Knowing what your passion is can be great for your professional success and personal happiness. On the other hand, as we go through life’s journey our passions change and not being sure what you want to do in your life can be scary or cause anxiety. Since we often equate passion with life purpose, failing to identify where your passion lies can make you feel as if your life lacks meaning or significance.

The good news is, there’s no expiration period for finding your passion. It doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50, or even 80 – what’s important is that you keep an open mind that discovering things about yourself is an ongoing, continuous process. It’s also important that you nurture an indominable spirit that makes you unafraid to find and pursue your passion even when you think you’re a little late in the game.

There are a number of ways that we can go about finding new passions. I believe one of the key methods is following your curiosity. Every time we follow our curiosity we collect clues and make the conscious choice to walk the path of self-growth and exploration.

Learning what lights us up is part of the human experience. It’s what keeps us alive and reminds us no matter how old we are that there is still more to be explored. When we follow our curiosity there is less pressure to have it figured out and more room to discover and get to know ourselves.

It’s also just more fun.

Here are some ways to explore what you are curious about:

Connect with people in your community

Being in a community with like-minded individuals is a support system. It’s a place where there is a sharing of ideas and where people promote collaboration. Being in a supportive environment can help you talk through and even get inspired about new things you want to try.

Be daringly different

I think we could all use this reminder in life – not everyone is going to agree with your passions and that’s okay! When you do something that lights up your soul the supportive people who appreciate you will remain by your side.

Trying new things also comes with embracing the beautiful beginner’s mind. Remember what it feels like to not be good at something and put in the effort to see progression. Seeing progression in life is linked with feelings of happiness.

Do the simple things

Use this time to tap into the simple luxuries in life and create space for connections to naturally inspire you. Spend time and have coffee with old friends, make dates with your kids or grandkids, redesign the room in the house that has somehow manifested into a storage room.

There are so many layers to us as humans. Connect with your home base, slow down and enjoy the people who are here with you.

I will leave you with this. Albert Einstein once said “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Re-discovering yourself is at the root of everything we do in life. It is a process that involves breaking down – shedding layers that do not serve us. It also involves a tremendous act of building up – recognizing who we want to be and passionately going about fulfilling our unique destiny – whatever that may be.

Finding passions, no matter what point in life you are at, is a humbling and exciting process. Hold on for the ride and watch your world expand before your eyes.

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Contributed by Boomerang Host, Alex Grant

Alex Grant is a mindset and movement coach. Her mission is to spread the message that when we live our truth we are able to live our fullest life. She guides people to understand how their environment reflects the self work required to take the next step towards your best self.

Alex is a lifetime athlete, former NCAA all round gymnast, mindset and movement coach. She has worked with thousands of students and athletes across Canada speaking on resilience and self identity. Her work has impacted over 10,000 people of all ages including varsity athletes, corporate executives, women’s groups, and young entrepreneurs.

She believes self awareness is they key to understanding oneself and unlocking your inner greatness.

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