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Our workshops

Learn new skills and share your passions by creating meaningful connections with like-minded people.

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Our workshops
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Browse, bookmark and attend workshops

With your Boomerang account, you can browse all of our upcoming workshops, save the ones you are interested in, and get tickets for the workshops you want to attend.

Participate right from where you are

Our online workshops make it easy for you to learn something new and create meaningful connections right from where you are.

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Boomerang Hosts

Get started with only a computer or tablet

We host our online workshops through a ZOOM video call. We find our members have the best workshop experience on a tablet or laptop.

Free vs Premium workshops

Free workshops

Our free workshop options are a great way to explore something new.

  • Live experience with a large group
  • The host will answer questions in the chat at the end of the class
  • Contact with the host after the workshop

Premium workshops

Get a more intimate experience and dig deeper into your interests.

  • Live intimate experience
  • Recording of the workshop provided to you after the workshop
  • The host answers questions throughout the workshop
  • Receive additional resources for the workshop to help with studying and exploring the topic further
  • Contact with the host after the workshop

We offer different types of workshops

Learn something today

Joining our community allows you to browse and attend workshops with other members who share your interests.

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Some questions you might have

How do I become a Boomerang member?2021-12-09T12:15:51-05:00

To get started sign up with your name and email. You’ll be prompted to create an account and add a password to finish signing up. Once you’ve signed up, you can add information to your profile like the city in which you live and select your interests. Then view upcoming workshops and sign up for the ones you’d like to join.

How much does Boomerang cost?2021-12-09T12:16:13-05:00

Being a Boomerang Member is totally free. As a member you can view upcoming workshops and get tickets for the ones you’re interested in. Workshops typically range from Free-$100 depending on the topic. The cost goes to covering materials, the venue and paying our lovely workshop host!

How can I find workshops that I’m interested in?2021-12-09T12:16:48-05:00

Get started by becoming a Boomerang Member for free by clicking here. You’ll be able to create a profile, personalize your experience and view all upcoming workshops.

I have a workshop idea, who can I tell about it?2021-12-09T12:17:49-05:00

Fantastic – we’d love to hear it! you can find everything you need to know about hosting on our Host Website. Simply click ‘Apply Now’ and fill in the details of your proposed workshop, and we will get in touch with you about next steps.

If you are more interested in attending a particular type of workshop, our feedback form is a great place for you to suggest new workshop topics.

Do I need to be retired or semi-retired to join Boomerang?2021-12-09T12:18:14-05:00

Not at all. We created Boomerang as a place for people to learn new skills, explore their passions and connect with the community. While our workshops are geared towards retired and semi-retired individuals, we’d love to have you join us!

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