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Find the answers to everything you need to know about hosting with Boomerang here.

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Whether you’re a new host or returning host we recommend reading our Host Resources.

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Whether you’re a new host or returning host we recommend reading our Host Resources.

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Some questions you might have

Who can host with Boomerang?2021-12-09T23:04:37-05:00

Hosting with Boomerang is open to anyone looking to share their skills, practice, or knowledge with our members in a professional, passionate and engaging way. We welcome hosts from all over Canada and the world. Hosts can range from hobbyists, to experts on the topic they wish to cover.

Our members value host’s with years of experience, expert knowledge, unique stories, and unwavering passion! It is recommended that you have some experience with online instruction and/or video creation before hosting with Boomerang.

What can I host with Boomerang?2021-12-09T23:05:02-05:00

Boomerang offers experiences that are grouped into three main categories – Creative, Lifestyle and Wellness. We currently have hosts facilitating experiences on a wide variety of topics within these categories. Hosts currently teach anything from Pilates, Ballet and Strength Training to French Language, Baking, Estate Planning, and Painting.

When can I host workshops with Boomerang?2021-12-09T23:05:21-05:00

Boomerang Coordinators are currently booking workshops 4-6 weeks in advance. Workshops are, for the majority, held between Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM EST – 7:00 PM EST with potential to host outside of these hours after developing a following and relationship with the Boomerang community.

Are all Boomerang Hosts paid?2021-12-09T23:05:44-05:00

All Boomerang hosts are compensated for facilitating their workshops, whether the workshop is free or paid. We offer competitive compensation for all hosts. To learn more about Payment, review the resources in our Payment section above.

Where are Boomerang workshops offered?2021-12-09T23:06:04-05:00

All Boomerang workshops are currently held online using Zoom or Webex.

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