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Frequently Asked Questions:
Host Invoicing Policy 2021

Why does Boomerang use PayPal for payments?2021-12-09T23:40:56-05:00

As we continue to grow the number of members and hosts on the Boomerang platform, we believe it’s important to have an organized and timely payment schedule for all of our hosts.

After testing and assessing various payment platforms, we made the decision to use PayPal. PayPal makes it easy for hosts to prepare and submit invoices, while also enabling the Boomerang team to process and pay out invoices faster. PayPal provides easy access to personal records, invoicing templates and a secure payment portal.

Why can hosts only invoice once a month?2021-12-09T23:42:15-05:00

By updating our invoicing policy and schedule, we’ve made the process easier and more efficient. Hosts will spend less time preparing invoices and the Boomerang team will spend less time processing invoices.

Why can’t I invoice via my own invoicing Platform?2021-12-09T23:42:24-05:00

As we’ve continued to grow and introduce more Hosts to the Boomerang community, it’s become clear that we needed a streamlined process for processing payments. PayPal makes the payments process easy and efficient for all stakeholders. Unfortunately, this means that we no longer accept invoices from other platforms.

Do I need a Paypal account in order to invoice Boomerang?2021-12-09T23:59:18-05:00

Yes. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you will need to create a free account here.

Do I need a PayPal Business Account or Personal Account?2021-12-09T23:44:01-05:00

PayPal allows you to send invoices through either Business or Personal accounts. A Personal Account will do just fine for invoicing Boomerang.

How do I create an invoice using Paypal?2021-12-09T23:59:11-05:00

Please refer to page 6 of our Host Invoicing Policy for a step-by-step guide.

Where do I put my HST# on my Paypal invoice?2021-12-09T23:46:45-05:00

If you’re eligible and looking to charge for applicable taxes on your invoice, you will need to include your HST number on the invoice. If you do charge HST, add the HST number to the “Additional Information” section at the bottom right . If you’re unsure if you should be collecting tax, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website for helpful information and/or speak to a professional tax advisor.

Do I need to break down my ticket sales and flat rate fees for each workshop on my invoice?2021-12-09T23:59:03-05:00

Yes! Please breakdown your invoice so that there is a line item for the ‘flat rate standard fees’ (including bonus if applicable) and an additional line item for ‘ticket sales’ for each workshop.

Does PayPal charge a fee?2021-12-09T23:49:06-05:00

PayPal charges a 2.9% transaction fee and 30 cent service fee for each invoice payment received by the account holder (you). Note: If you move funds out of your PayPal account, PayPal charges a 1% transaction fee on the amount transferred. You can learn more about PayPal’s fees here. You can keep track of the PayPal service fees by reviewing/tracking your PayPal payment statements (found under the “Recent Activity” tab).

Who pays the fee to PayPal?2021-12-09T23:49:28-05:00

PayPal’s fees are payable by the account holder (you, the host). Boomerang is not responsible for paying these fees.

When are invoices due?2021-12-09T23:50:34-05:00

Invoices are due on the 7th day of every month for all workshops held in the previous month. For example, you will need to submit your invoice for June workshops that took place from June 1 – 30th by July 7th. Please refer to page 4 of our Host Invoicing Policy for more information.

What is the earliest date I can send my invoice?2021-12-09T23:50:53-05:00

You can submit your invoice at any time after your last workshop of the invoicing period. For example: if your last workshop in June is on June 15th, you can submit your invoice as early as June 16th.

When will invoices be paid?2021-12-09T23:51:14-05:00

All invoices will be paid between the 7th and the 14th of the month.

What happens if I miss submitting my invoice during the invoicing period?2021-12-09T23:51:34-05:00

If you miss the submission deadline of the 7th of the month, you can still submit your invoice. However, you will not be paid until the following month’s payment period. For example, If you submit your invoice for June workshops on July 8th, you will be paid in the next payment period of August 7th – 14th.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?2021-12-10T00:00:01-05:00

Review our ‘How-to create an invoice’ document here
Review our host invoicing police here
View an example of a Boomerang invoice here
Reach out to your designated Boomerang Coordinator for any additional questions!

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