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When will the new host compensation structure start?2021-12-12T21:38:59-05:00

The new host compensation structure will take effect on January 1st, 2022. All workshops facilitated prior to January 1st, 2022 will earn revenue based on the current host compensation structure.

Why is the new host compensation structure being introduced now?2021-12-12T21:39:32-05:00

When we began offering online workshops at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important for us to offer a generous compensation package to support our hosts through this difficult period. As Boomerang continues to grow we’ve made some changes to our compensation structure to make Boomerang sustainable in the long term.

The new host compensation structure gives hosts an opportunity to earn more revenue when more Boomerang members purchase tickets. The more tickets sold for a workshop, the better Boomerang can serve our community. We’re investing in each other and this compensation structure aims to strengthen the Boomerang community for the long term.

What is Boomerang’s long-term vision for the platform?2021-12-12T21:40:18-05:00

Since launching in 2019, Boomerang’s vision is to be a platform for adults to learn and discover new passions. We have created a platform where members, hosts, and partners can come together to share skills, engage in activities and discussions, and connect with new people. As we look towards the future, we’ve identified the following growth opportunities to support our vision:

  1. Independent host tools that empower hosts to create and facilitate their workshops how and when they want, without waiting for support from a coordinator. This is while receiving the benefits of a dedicated community coordinator, a new and improved Host Resource Centre with helpful documents and forums to ask questions, & networking opportunities.
  2. A key focus on Wellness related workshops that nurture mental, physical, emotional, and financial health, especially as we transition out of a global pandemic.
  3. Increased marketing support to promote hosts and connect them with members interested in their workshops.
  4. Product improvements to enable members to seamlessly discover and purchase workshops.
Why the 70% / 30% revenue share in the new host compensation structure?2021-12-12T21:40:53-05:00

We decided on this revenue split by evaluating similar offerings in the industry, assessing the financial needs of our host community, and looking at our own needs to continue growing Boomerang in the long term. This was a decision we arrived at after months of research and is one we do not take lightly. Through this work, we were able to establish a structure that we feel offers hosts a lucrative opportunity, while ensuring Boomerang is able to remain sustainable as we grow.

Why should I instruct with Boomerang?2022-05-19T13:13:51-04:00

Boomerang is here to provide you with a platform to grow your business and connect with a community of vibrant 50+ Canadians. Below are some key reasons to join us:

  1. Make an Impact: Make a positive impact on people’s lives by sharing your skills and passions with people eager to learn from you.
  2. Grow Your Network: Instructing classes on Boomerang gives you access to our highly unique and engaged community of loyal members across Canada.
  3. Feel Empowered: Share the skills you’ve amassed over the years in our welcoming community, using our platform’s professional resources.
  4. Earn Extra Income: Casually earn extra income by sharing your skills and passions when it suits your schedule.
  5. Flexibility: Create and facilitate your own content, and conduct classes from your home on a schedule that suits you.
  6. Connect with a Vibrant Community: Meet, teach, and form meaningful connections with a community of highly engaged and motivated people over the age of 50 from across Canada and the world.
Can I raise my ticket prices under the new host compensation structure? How do I know how much I should charge for my workshops?2021-12-12T21:43:11-05:00

As a Boomerang Host, you have the final say on the ticket price of your workshops. Our coordinators are here to provide you with any insights/guidance they feel relevant but at the end of the day, it is your time, your workshop, and your income. We have created some workshop Pricing Strategies for you to consider.

View Pricing Strategies

If you wish to change your ticket prices please reach out to your coordinator. Keep in mind we cannot change ticket prices for workshops that are already live on our website.

Why can’t I expense tools & materials (ingredients/Zoom etc)?2021-12-12T21:43:57-05:00

As Boomerang continues to grow we’ve made some changes to our host compensation structure to make Boomerang sustainable in the long term. The removal of the tools & materials stipend is a part of this change.

When designing your curriculum and setting the price for your event, consider factoring in the cost of materials when making these decisions. We have created some workshop Pricing Strategies for you to consider.

Why are free workshops limited?2021-12-12T21:45:29-05:00

After monitoring Boomerang’s free offerings over the last year, we found they detracted from hosts’ premium workshops. We have developed a Free Workshops Strategy that streamlines the number of free workshops on the platform, while still providing meaningful benefits to our community members at no cost to them. Feel free to learn more about this strategy in the link below.

Read about Free Workshop changes

Can I shorten the length of my workshops under the new host compensation structure?2021-12-12T21:45:55-05:00

In an effort to maintain a workshop standard and conserve our small team’s resources, workshops that are less than 45 minutes will not be considered or posted on the Boomerang platform. All workshops must be between 45-90 minutes in length.

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