What are the changes?

As of October 1st, 2021 Boomerang will begin reducing the number of free workshops on the platform. Please note that we will continue to provide our members with free workshops, but will be doing so in a more limited and thoughtful manner. 


To date, the core strategy behind offering free workshops has been to: 

  • Provide an accessible offering to Boomerang members 

  • Allow hosts to grow their following by offering a free workshop(s)

  • Empower hosts to promote their premium workshops


After monitoring this strategy for the last year, we have found that the number of free workshops over-saturated the Boomerang marketplace and impacted ticket sales on premium workshops.

Going forward

We are streamlining our free workshops and will only be offering the following two options as free workshops:


1. New Workshops: New hosts or existing hosts can offer a new workshop that has not previously been offered on Boomerang (limitations apply).

2. Community Workshops: Regularly scheduled and accessible Wellness offerings taught by seasoned Boomerang hosts. 


If you have been hosting primarily free workshops please contact your Community Coordinator for next steps. 


We are confident that reducing the number of free workshops will benefit both you and the growth of your business on Boomerang. 

New Workshops

A free workshop facilitated by a host who is new to Boomerang, or a new offering introduced by an existing host. The goal of a New workshop is to give new hosts an opportunity to get acquainted with the Boomerang Community, introduce themselves and build a following. New workshops also act as a way for existing hosts to showcase a new offering! New hosts will be limited to 3 new experiences in their first month and existing hosts will be limited to 1 per month.

Boomerang Community Workshops

We are working with the host community to select and offer a limited number of free Community workshops. These will be a curated collection of regularly scheduled workshops facilitated by a seasoned Boomerang Host, offered to the Boomerang community for free. Boomerang Community Workshops will include activities and discussions relating to physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being. 


Community Host Criteria

  • Committed: Must have at least 6 months of hosting experience on the Boomerang platform 

  • Approachable: Have historically created a consistently warm and welcoming environment 

  • Rockstars: Have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from members 

  • Builders: Exhibit a passion for supporting & growing the Boomerang Community

Please note: The customer feedback form entries help inform which hosts are selected to offer these Community Workshops.


The number of workshops and hosts who run Community workshops will be limited and will be regularly reviewed by the Boomerang team. The goal is to have a lineup of free workshops that enhance our members’ lives, while not detracting from all of the other amazing premium offerings on the platform. 





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