Wed., Mar. 18 | Noble Coffee Co.

Creative Writing Series @ Noble Coffee Co. (SOLD OUT)

Join us at Noble Coffee Co. to work on your creative writing skills! Attend all 4 classes or just 1! Ticket options available.
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Creative Writing Series @ Noble Coffee Co. (SOLD OUT)

Time & Location

Mar. 18, 2020, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Noble Coffee Co., 1421 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P 3L4, Canada

About the Workshop

Do you have a great idea for a story? Are you trying to figure out how to get started? Wondering how to flesh out your story? Wondering how it’s going to end? Or do you know the ending, but need to figure out how it all began? Who are you telling your story to?  There are a lot of possibilities, and sometimes we need help to figure out what are the most interesting and effective choices. Using the traditional construct of the Hero’s Journey as a launching off point, Shomee will help you figure out your story, in whatever medium you want to work in: be it short story, novel, play, film, or even to find better ways to tell stories to friends, family, on social media, around the dinner table, bedtime, so many possibilities. We’ll figure that out together. 

Session 1 (Feb. 26th): First 2 Stages of the Hero’s Journey: 1) The Ordinary World and, 2) The Call to Adventure - Understanding how to begin and develop the core idea of your story and identify the obstacles and issues that your story raises.

Session 2 (Mar. 4th): The next four stages: 3) The Refusal of the Call, 4) The Meeting with The Mentor(s), 5) The Crossing the First Threshold and, 6) Tests, Allies, Enemies - Building the road your story will travel and exploring the players involved on that journey.

Session 3 (March 11th): The Central Stages: 7) the Approach(es): Setbacks, 8) The Major Ordeal: “The Belly of the Whale” - The Central Obstacle(s) that pulse(s) through your entire story; The core issue at the heart of your story that reveals the struggles and hardships and major complications of your story.

Session 4 (March 18th): The Final Stages: 9) The Reward, 10) The Road Back, 11) The Resurrection Hero, 12) The Return with the Elixir - Revealing the core lessons learned from mistakes or wrong turns, and finding the way forward and the path towards a final culmination of events that reach a climax and reveals the outcome and conclusion to your story.

No experience required. Writing materials are included with your ticket.


You can purchase all 4 sessions together (1 free class with this offer) OR by class. Shomee can work with you individually to bring you up to speed if you miss a class.

About our Host:  

Shomee Chakrabartty, has created, written, directed, produced, performed and managed many projects for theatre and independent cinema in Canada. 

What to Bring:

- An original storytelling project

Accessibility: Moderate. The workshop is on the main floor. The washroom is in the basement of the facility. 

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