What’s the New Structure?

New Host Compensation Structure
Effective January 1st, 2022

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As a host, you’ve been an invaluable part of the Boomerang community. Our members look to you to guide them through their passions and professional pursuits and you’ve done an incredible job leading workshops.

When we began offering online workshops at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important for us to offer a generous compensation package to support our hosts through this difficult period.

As Boomerang continues to grow, we’ve made some changes to our compensation structure to help make Boomerang sustainable long term.

What Does This Mean?

The new compensation structure gives you a higher revenue share of ticket sales for paid workshops but eliminates any flat-rate fee. The more tickets sold for your workshop, the better Boomerang can serve our community. We’re investing in each other and this structure reflects that.

What your workshops might make…

boomerang workshop compensation

With the new host compensation structure, you may wish to change your ticket prices, or further promote your workshop on the Boomerang platform, or your own social channels.

Please refer to the below two resources for how to price and promote your workshops under our new compensation structure.

Learn about pricing your workshops
Learn about promoting your workshops

Looking Ahead

We are committed to helping you grow your audience on Boomerang and are investing in meaningful improvements. Take a look below at some exciting updates!

1. New host profile pages

Display your social media links / personal website, your bio, and a full list of all your upcoming workshops – all in one place. To access your Boomerang host profile, visit any one of your upcoming workshops, scroll down until you see “About the host” and click on your profile. For convenience, bookmark this link so it is easy to share.

Available now

New host profile pages

New host profile pages

2. Get direct feedback from your workshops’ attendees in your email

Start getting your attendee’s feedback directly. Check your email every week, so you can make your future workshops even better.

Available October 8th, 2021

3. Unlimited Boomerang workshops

Free, unlimited access to all Boomerang workshops to support your learning and development. Reach out to your designated Community Coordinator to access your unique host promo code.

Available now

4. A revamped Host Resource Center

Now, it’s easy to learn about and reference hosting best practices, setting up your workshops, and more.

5. More product updates to promote and feature hosts like you

A dedicated section at the top of the Home page that promotes Hosts, plus more updates in the future as we grow.

Available Winter 2021/Early 2022

More product updates to promote and feature hosts like you

More product updates to promote and feature hosts like you

Have More Questions?

If you have additional questions about the changes please read more about the new compensation structure or the future of Boomerang in our FAQ.

View FAQ