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What’s Happening in October

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What’s Happening in October

Can we all agree that one of the most beautiful times to live in Canada is during the fall. With all the different colours and change in weather, the connection you feel to your surroundings goes up a few levels. It’s partly for that reason that our theme at Boomerang this October is…you guessed it: Connections!  

Deeper, more meaningful connections, to be precise. That’s why at the end of October, we’ll be at the annual Zoomershow on October 25 – 26, the largest consumer show in Toronto. With about 25,000 guests expected to be in attendance, we hope to use the opportunity to create even more connections for Boomerang to continue invigorating our community. We’ll be leading some mini-workshops and a few of our ambassadors will be there representing Boomerang along with us.

Most importantly, though, we’re there to learn. We know there’s always room for growth, and being around that many great people, we know we’ll gain some more insights to make Boomerang even more special. We hope to see you there! 

What’s new this month:


Have you ever wondered how to add an artistic flair to your handwriting? Join us on October 19th for our very first Calligraphy workshop. We have two scheduled – one in October & one in November -, make sure to sign up in advance and invite your friends as well! Join us at the Toronto Public Library – Locke Branch for a 2 hour basic pointed pen calligraphy workshop hosted by the very talented, Claudia Chan, from Kokoro no Melody

Sign up for Calligraphy on October 19.

Financial Planning

Do you have questions about retirement planning? Or maybe even questions about how your finances work now that you are retired? CPP, Annuities, Pensions, Succession planning – these are all terms we hear when we are working, and might even have a plan for, but once retirement hits, the game can change and things can feel a lot different. Join us on October 29th in a low-stress environment for a down-to-earth discussion of your real concerns, problems and questions. This is a highly interactive seminar to help you understand how your money can better work for you as you  contemplate your next phase.

Sign up for Financial Planning on October 29.

Pickling & Fermenting

Join us on October 10th for a pickling & fermenting workshop with Randi. Let Randi share the joy of preserving foods with you! She is a passionate gardener and new mom. Join us at The Depanneur to learn 3 different pickling methods: Shelf-stable water bath canning, refrigerator pickles, and probiotic, lacto-fermented pickles. Let’s experiment with different flavours and take home 3 jars of your homemade tasty treats along with the skills to make your own at home. Course includes all required materials.

Sign up for Pickling & Fermenting on October 10th

Back by Popular Demand:


We’ve received lots of requests for this one! We’ll be hosting a Pottery Workshop at LucSculpture on October 23rd. Learn the steps to make mugs, bowls, and vases on the pottery wheel. This three-hour session is great for couples, friends and perfect for beginners. During the first two hours, you will use the wheel and create functional pottery pieces with the guidance of a teacher. In the last hour, you will finish up your pieces, learn how to add handles for mugs, use under-glaze and any other details necessary to finish off your masterpiece.

Sign up for Pottery on October 23rd

Coffee Brewing 101

Learn to make the perfect cup of coffee with Creeds Coffee’s talented baristas. The next workshop is on October 8th. Head barista, Oskar, will guide you through the art of perfecting your in-home barista skills. The first part of this course will focus on an intro to coffee where you will explore the key ingredients needed to brew great coffee at home. You will gain a deeper understanding of the coffee roasting process and explore flavour profiles, different grinding techniques and brewing systems, as well as developing recipes for coffee brewing. 

Sign up for Coffee Brewing on October 8.


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