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Unlocking the Power of Connection

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Unlocking the Power of Connection

A Letter from the Founders – Anelynda & Ali

Ageism is the last ism that we tolerate in our society. Despite being the fastest-growing global demographic, we’re failing to appreciate the knowledge and potential of retired and semi-retired citizens. Instead of rallying behind these individuals, we’re allowing loneliness and isolation to diminish their spirits.

But the world is slowly starting to welcome new solutions to these issues. Doctors in the UK are taking a holistic approach to treatment, considering factors such as lack of connectedness as an ailment to our physical well being. They’ve introduced what they’ve termed Social Prescriptions dance and cooking classes, volunteering and similar activities — as a treatment to conditions they would’ve otherwise prescribed medication. A similar program is currently being piloted in Ontario by the Alliance for Healthier Communities.

Boomerang’s approach is similar. While we’re not medical doctors, we’ve studied the issues created by the lack of connection of retired and semi-retired Canadians. Through workshops like creative writing, photography, and organizing your home, we’re creating communities where aging adults can connect through similar interests and begin or continue the process of living life with purpose.

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Boomerang started with a real human need and we built something based on that. When we came up with the idea to create this platform, we made sure to test all of our hypotheses. Four weeks to the day since we began, we had built a website, figured out how to test the whole process, run two workshops, and had 700 people on our sign up list. That was a moment.

Now we see Boomerang as a place for real human connections. Our weekly creative workshops are an opportunity to bring retired and semi-retired Canadians into physical spaces where they can feel safe to share their stories and learn new skills. That being said, the true impact of Boomerang takes it one step passed the initial connection.

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While connecting people is definitely an objective, what’s more important is unlocking the power of what happens when you get two people together in the physical space. The sharing of ideas, the creation of new concepts, the defeat of social isolation or just sitting there and having someone to cry with, those outcomes are more interesting and more powerful.

Our plan for the future is to add purpose to a phase of our lives that many people often dismiss or ignore. We want millions of people entering or in retirement to look at their future and see possibility instead of solely reflecting on their past with nostalgia.

This is a phase of your life that should be filled with opportunity, with novelty, with new things to do and new experiences. We hope when we reach this phase, Boomerang will help us live through it.

See you at a Boomerang Workshop soon!

– Anelynda & Ali

P.S. If there’s ever a topic you’re interested in seeing at a workshop or sharing your skills as a workshop leader, let us know

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