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Top 5 Baking Blogs and YouTube Channels for Beginners

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Top 5 Baking Blogs and YouTube Channels for Beginners

What is it about baking that’s so appealing? I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the smell of fresh-baked banana bread or a batch of chocolate chip cookies that makes a home feel like home. Don’t you agree? The only frustrating part about baking is that everything has to be exact. All the ingredients need to be precisely measured if you want your goodies to turn out the way they should. That takes a little bit of know-how, so we want to make sure you know where to go to find the basic baking tools for beginners. 

We want your love of baking to be fully expressed in a joyous way. So we put together some fun baking blogs for beginners and other spaces online where you can get the tools you need to hone your baking skills. 

1. The Baker Chick

The upside of this blog is that the host, Audra, will show you interesting ways to innovate traditional baked goods. She’ll help you turn a regular dessert into something you feel like you’ve never tasted before. Nothing is overly complicated, and you’ll enjoy her light-hearted humour.

2. Minimalist Baker

The name is actually a bit misleading. The “Minimalist” refers to the fact that these desserts are vegan baked goods with less fat and sugar than traditional baking recipes. But as for the diversity of scope of recipes, there’ll be no shortage of options for you to learn from. Everything from no-bake red velvet cake balls to creamy cold brew coffee smoothie is all part of the repertoire. 

3. Zoe Bakes

OK, so this is a step above where you go for beginner recipes and resources. Zoe Bakes is more about going from beginner to a bit more advanced strategies of baking. She still keeps it simple, though, so don’t feel intimidated. Zoe says she “takes the mystery out of baking everything.” 

4. Tasty

Let’s step away from the blogs and get into the YouTube channels of the baking world. And there’s no better place to start than Tasty. If you haven’t seen this ad flash across your Facebook page, get ready for a treat. With nearly 20 million subscribers, Tasty is the top destination for everything baking (and food in general). Interesting because they’re only a five-year-old brand. 

5.  Big Bolder Baking

This YouTube channel isn’t as big as Tasty, but with over 2 million subscribers, it’s no slouch, either. And the advantage of Big Bolder Baking is that they focus exclusively on how to bake and baking recipes. Gemma is the voice behind all of the incredible recipes you’re about to learn. From birthday cakes to baking basics, you’ll find everything you need on this channel. 

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