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Shomee talks about his Mask and Mirrors workshop

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Shomee talks about his Mask and Mirrors workshop

There’s something a bit zen about sitting with Shomee. You almost feel like you’ve entered this alternate universe that he somehow knows how to navigate with ease. His passion is quiet but intense and listening to Shomee speak about acting and writing and his world of creativity, you become even more drawn to his spirit.

That’s why we’re so excited to have him host workshops with Boomerang. We know the knowledge he is willing to share will make you more thoughtful about whatever you create. When we spoke to Shomee, he also expressed excitement at hosting upcoming workshops along with reflecting on his experiences hosting previous events for Boomerang.

Boomerang: Do you remember your first workshop?

Shomee: That was the first time that I’ve taught creative writing to a group of people using kind of all my experiences as an actor and as a writer. It was amazing to finally share that process and just focus on the writing and storytelling. Using my acting coaching model is kind of a beginning.

Boomerang: What kind of reaction do you feel like you got? How did you feel afterwards and what did you take away from it?

Shomee: Awesome. That’s my favorite part about being a teacher. It’s like when you see that light go-on in someone’s mind when they’re gaining new information, like everyone came in from many different stages in terms of their writing life as well as just their artistic life or even just curious dropping in on this workshop kinda thing. But that was so gratifying for me to know that what I’ve been doing as a writer and as an artist, just connecting with people, and that’s what it’s all about, helping them connect with other people.

Boomerang: Let’s get into what’s coming up? You’re going to be hosting a new workshop. How would you describe it?

Shomee: Yeah, I’m doing two brand new workshops that are coming up soon. One expanding on the original creative writing workshop that we did and developing it more into a course. My starting point has always been the hero’s journey. It all came through myths and legends and cultural history across the planet and I really want to tap into that.

The second one is the one that I’d been developing first. Like I started working with actors on using mask. I started to understand myself better every time I worked with a mask more so than any other form in a way, which I’m still blown away by.

Boomerang: That sounds so interesting. Can you give a bit more detail on what people who attend the workshop can expect with this mask experience?

Shomee: With the mask, you put everything on the mask first and you see that mask as a full other person. You have a conversation with it in a sense like this is who you are now. And so the mask gives you a moment to step outside of yourself. That will give you permission to see through its eyes and it’s that moment. You realize that the mask is not even necessary. It’s the most magical thing.

How do you not get goosebumps thinking about that. Shomee will bring this experience to his next workshop on (date). We hope to see you there!

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