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How to Find a New Hobby This Winter

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How to Find a New Hobby This Winter

We hate to burst your bubble, but once the holidays are over, most parts of Canada are left with the cold of winter. And while the country is scenically beautiful, winter is also a time when many people start feeling alone and stuck in their homes. As you can imagine, many of those feelings might be amplified this year.

It sounds a bit gloomy, but it really doesn’t have to be. We shouldn’t be looking at winter as some kind of burden. It’s a wonderful time of year filled with a unique kind of energy that we need to grab hold of. And yes, it gets cold, but not so cold that outdoor activities are impossible—quite the opposite. And for those days when the temperature dips to unbearable, there are indoor activities to keep you just as active. Either of these indoor or outdoor activities can easily become new hobbies.

The point is to have an open mind. Why not look at this winter as your opportunity to try something different? We think there are some simple and some adventurous activities that you may enjoy, whether inside your home or in the beautiful outdoors.

Outdoor activities that can become hobbies

If you want to avoid feeling cooped up this winter, try some of these popular outdoor activities.

Find new hiking trails

A woman takes a snowy trail for a hike

Photo by Matt Heaton on Unsplash

There’s nothing preventing you from taking long walks through your favourite hiking trail, but maybe this winter, you find a new one more scenic with snow. It’s best to discover new trails during the day when it’s still light outside, but getting out and exploring is an active way to pass the time and make new discoveries. Read more about the best hikes in Ontario.

Outdoor photography

A woman practices photography in the winter

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Don’t worry, all you need for this is a pair of boots and your smartphone. Put on a jacket and a scarf and take a walk around your neighbourhood. You’ll notice that when you’re trying to snap pictures, you discover more of the details that make your neighbourhood special. Take different routes every time you go out, and when you’re done, maybe you can actually print out a few of your favourite photos.


A close up of snowshoes for a winter activity

Photo by Leslie Cross on Unsplash

Think walking but in deeper snow with specialized shoes. Snowshoeing is actually a great workout. It’s advisable that you bring someone along with you (from your household, most preferably), but it’s an opportunity to get outside and do something that’s a bit more challenging than walking. Read more about top 10 outdoor winter activities to try in Canada.

Indoor activities that can become hobbies

Outdoor winter hobbies are for those days you feel like getting out. For those times that you feel like doing something but don’t want to leave your home, try some of these suggestions:

Practice Tai Chi

An older couple learns tai chi in a park

You could always take up yoga at home, but tai chi has a different kind of flair to it that we think you’ll enjoy. The structured and deliberate tai chi movements help induce a meditative state, but you’re still very much active. If you’re not familiar with tai chi or have never tried it, start with a Boomerang workshop to get your feet wet.

Get creative

A close up of a calligraphy pen

Most people have dreamed of doing something creative but always put it off. Whether it’s learning modern calligraphy writing, how to bake at home, or exercise your creative writing skills—winter is the time to turn those dreams into action. The first step is getting over that fear of starting. Be kind to yourself and know that no matter what you do, it will take some time.

Learn new recipes

A senior man learns how to cook

A nice warm meal on those cold winter days should be mandatory. We know you have a few recipes up your sleeve, but why not take the winter to really focus on your cooking skills? There are plenty of nutrition workshops that we offer at Boomerang that will make you the envy of all your friends in no time.

Winter should not equal isolation

We’ve given you some fun options you can explore for both outdoor and indoor hobbies, but there’s nothing fun about feeling isolated. The pandemic has really made it difficult to stay physically connected to the people we love, and those challenges will continue through much of this winter.

What we’re hoping you’ll do with some of these hobbies is include your friends and family. You may not be able to physically have them with you, but there are ways to keep connected with those you care about. For example, you can share photos of your daily walk with people from your neighbourhood. When you’re cooking, call up one of your family members and put them on video chat. Maybe you two can try new recipes together.

The point is to not be alone, even though that may be your physical reality. This has been a tough time for all of us, but if you can take steps to lessen any feelings of isolation, you should take those steps.

Boomerang builds community

At our core, Boomerang is all about building community. Our classes are a way to get you through the door, and once you’re in, our hope is that you connect with other members of our community who share your interests. So when you sign up for Boomerang, know that it’s more than just yoga classes and Zumba. We’re connecting people with people to build a vibrant community who can depend on each other outside of our services.

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