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How to Find a New Hobby

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How to Find a New Hobby

It’s a great time to dive into something new. Picking up a new hobby adds joy to an everyday routine. Research shows that starting a new hobby can help alleviate depression and even enhance your happiness later in life. Finding a hobby that suits you is simple; think about the activities that bring you joy or spark your curiosity and let that interest open the door to a new activity. Let’s look at some popular hobbies you could enjoy learning this year.

10 new hobbies to try this year

When choosing a hobby, stay open-minded. You might enjoy something that you’d never considered trying before. Exploring a new hobby might make you feel vulnerable, but that’s half of the fun; this isn’t about making the perfect cake or painting a masterpiece. Starting a hobby should be enjoyable and can let you reconnect with your inner child. Whether you’re cooking, crocheting, or doing downward dog in yoga, remember that perfectionism has no place in the world of hobbies. Instead, enjoy the experience of trying something new! Here are 10 popular hobbies for you to try out.

1. Yoga

An older woman trying yoga for the first time

If you feel intimidated by yoga and imagine a bunch of hyper-flexible young people in a pretzel shape, don’t fall for the yoga trope! Yoga is great for older people too, and there are variations to every pose to suit your level of experience, confidence, and ability. It is a brilliant hobby as an intersection of exercise, mental health, and spirituality. Yoga can also be beneficial for ageing bodies, and is a calming, centreing hobby that reminds you to breathe and stay present in life. You might notice that taking up yoga improves your posture, alleviates stress, and enhances flexibility. It’s all about finding the right type of yoga for you, and starting with yoga classes that are welcoming to beginners.

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2. Cooking

Curry and naan

Cooking is a practical skill, but it can also be a creative, engaging hobby that offers a reward every time. If you’re a beginner cook, don’t start with a challenging recipe. Instead, pick a recipe for something simple you love to eat. You might start with making the perfect pancake, begin with the basics of cooking, or explore your own heritage by learning a traditional ancestral recipe from your family cookbook. Make cooking fun by setting the mood: put on music you love, light a candle, throw on an apron, and make the kitchen a creative workshop.

3. Tai chi

An older woman practicing tai chi in her living room

Tai chi is another hobby that’s great for your body, mind, and soul. It is a low-impact, mindful movement exercise based in Taoist principles that helps to build strength. Tai chi can also be a community-building hobby that allows you to feel connected to a group. Tai chi has a wealth of benefits; it can positively yaffect our ability to problem solve and use reasoning, and has been shown to improve the overall quality of life when practiced regularly. Most Tai chi classes are friendly to beginners, but get started by learning the basic Tai chi exercises and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

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4. Calligraphy

A calligraphy pen and paper

The word “calligraphy” has Greek origins which translate to “beautiful writing.” Calligraphy combines art with appealing handmade lettering. Learn the basics of calligraphy and you’ll be able to write beautiful notes, letters, and messages for those you love. Aside from being a meditative, calming hobby, calligraphy also benefits memory retention, improves motor skills, and can be a great way to inspire creativity. Try practicing your lettering while you listen to a great podcast or to an album, and you may be surprised at how calm and happy you feel.

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5. Gardening

A floral wreath

Gardening is a great summer hobby that can be a deeply fulfilling way to reconnect to nature. Master the basics of gardening and you’ll be able to grow vegetables, delicious herbs, and fresh flowers to spark joy throughout the summer and fall season. If you’re a beginner, start with easy-to-grow vegetables or succulents and track your progress with a gardening journal. Studies show that gardening has a multitude of benefits for mental and physical wellness. Get growing and see what happens.

6. Baking

ingredients for baking on a table

If you have a sweet tooth, baking could be a rewarding hobby for you. Even beginner bakers can find recipes that have a delicious outcome. Start with a basic baking recipe like chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, or a birthday cake for a loved one. Baking is the sweetest hobby, with delicious results.

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7. Ballet

A senior practicing ballet

Before you decide ballet is beyond your comfort level, give it a try! Traditional ballet can be modified to suit limited mobility or varying levels of strength. This hobby improves strength in the whole body, as well as flexibility and mobility in the hips, spine, and legs. Ballet students in our Boomerang classes mention feeling inspired, refreshed, and energized from ballet classes. If you’re looking to improve posture or connect with music, ballet could be the right hobby for you.

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8. Painting

A painting of trees on a canvas

Painting is a versatile hobby that’s easy to take up. If you’re not an instinctual Picasso, don’t let taking up a hobby in the creative arts sphere intimidate you. Painting can be meditative, healing, and inspiring even if your finished product doesn’t look like you thought it would. Painting is all about creating something new on a canvas in a way that is uniquely you. Try oil painting, watercolour painting, and acrylic painting to see what medium of paint most inspires your creativity.

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9. Osteofit

An osteofit workout

Osteofit is a great hobby to benefit those of us with osteopenia, osteoporosis or chronic back pain. Osteofit helps create better balance, improve posture with cardiovascular and mobility exercises. Many participants in osteofit find they feel more confident because of enhanced stability and a reduced risk of falling.

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10. Photography

Three film cameras

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so photography is a worthwhile hobby to try. Whether you’re inspired to capture loved ones, perfect sunsets, a family pet, or the grandkids at the beach, photography is an inspiring hobby. Experiment with digital or film cameras, and let photography lead you into other hobbies like scrapbooking, collaging, or filmmaking.

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