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9 Discounts for Seniors You Didn’t Know About

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9 Discounts for Seniors You Didn’t Know About

Buying something always feels a little bit better when you know you’re getting a deal. And being in your golden years automatically qualifies you for a lot of great discounts. You can save on everything from food to pharmaceuticals to travel to fun events. It’s clear to us that being 50-plus has more benefits than wisdom. You can actually save some real dollars.

Senior discounts in Canada

Don’t be shy to take advantage of some of these great offers. You’ve put in enough work not to feel bad about saving a few bucks. Without further ado, here are some of the top senior discounts in Canada:

1. Mandarin Chinese Buffet

Your discount: 20% off the buffet, every day.

Minimum age: 65

2. Rona

A set of tools for at home DIY work

Your discount: 10% off the first Tuesday of every month.

Minimum age:  65

3. Banana Republic

Your discount: Varies by store. Day of the week also varies by store.

Minimum age: 50

4. Pet Valu

A close-up of a dog companion

Your discount:  10% off the last Thursday of every month

Minimum age: 60

5. Hyatt Hotel

Your discount: 50% off daily rates (participating locations)

Minimum age: Not specified

6. Hudson’s Bay

A closet full of clothes

Your discount: 15% off the first Tuesday of every month.

Minimum age: 60

7. Canadian Tire

Your discount: 10% off the first Wednesday of every month

Minimum age: 60

8. Go Transit

A GO train travels past a highway in Toronto

Your discount: 50% off an adult fare every day.

Minimum age: 65

Transit tip: Download the Rocketman app for transit alerts and arrival times in Canada.

9. McDonald’s 

Your discount: 85 cents for a large coffee every day.

Minimum age: 60

We hope these are helpful. If you have some more discounts that you like to use, please don’t hesitate to send them our way, by responding to this post, or email us at:


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