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The Best Online Yoga Classes for Seniors

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The Best Online Yoga Classes for Seniors

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to build new habits and patterns. Online yoga classes are a great way to introduce a healthy routine into your everyday life. We are living in a “new normal” that involves more time spent at home for many of us. As a result, it can become harder to find holistic balance and mindfulness in our lives. With benefits like pain relief, mindfulness, emotional balance, and physical fitness, online yoga classes are a great way to start the fall season with intention. Wondering how to get started with your own at-home yoga routine? We’ve put together a list of the best online yoga classes, and we’ll help you put together everything you need to get started.

3 essential items for at-home yoga practice

If you’re ready to try your first online yoga class from home, you’ll need to buy a yoga mat. But you may also want to consider investing in other yoga essentials to help make your online classes an inspiring experience. Here are some great additions to your beginner yoga kit to help ease you into a renewing yogic experience.

1. A Supportive Bolster

A yoga bolster is a long, cylindrical support cushion that can be used throughout your online yoga class. This pillow-like support helps open the chest, stretch muscles, and relax the body. Because a bolster is firm and sturdy, it can also be used to help support poses as you build strength, balance, and flexibility.

Supportive bolster and blocks for yoga

2. Eye Pillow

If you’ve taken a yoga class before, you know how luxurious it feels to lie down at the end of the class, enjoying a well-earned Shavasana. But it’s easy to be distracted during a meditative experience, especially when you’re taking an online yoga class from home. Consider purchasing an eye pillow with a calming lavender scent, flax seed filling, or soft silk fabric to help block out light and distractions.

Colourful eye pillows

3. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are typically made of cork, wood, or bamboo. Although yoga blocks may seem intimidating if you’re a first-time yogi, they’re a great tool to help train your sense of balance. Many people struggle with deeper yoga poses like the pigeon pose, and it may take time to loosen muscles and ease into a deeper form of a pose. Purchase two yoga blocks for either side of your mat, and they’ll be there to help support you from your first deep breath to your final namaste at the end of yoga class. Think of yoga blocks as metaphorical training wheels as you work towards your personal yoga goals.

Pink yoga blocks

How to prepare for your first online yoga class

Once you’ve signed up for a free online yoga class and purchased your yoga gear, you may have some time before your first class. Here are some great, simple practices to try in preparation for your first online yoga class. These ideas can help you focus on your body, notice your breathing, and shift into a holistic yoga mindset.

  • Begin to intentionally notice your breath. Yoga practices vary, but all yogic tradition is deeply linked to breathing and meditation. Pause throughout the day to notice how you are breathing. Is your breath fast or slow? Does it feel shallow or deep?
  • Take time to mentally scan your body, noticing where you feel tightness or tension. Practice taking 10 deep breaths when you notice that your mind or body feels tense. Slowly fill your lungs with a deep breath and release slowly, paying attention to how your body responds.
  • Try an online meditation class, or make a simple 10-minute meditation part of your everyday routine. By pausing to breathe and consciously release thoughts, you’ll train your brain to come back to a place of stillness, even if the dog is barking and the kids are making noise.
  • Read and learn about mindfulness practices to live every day with purpose and intention.

5 online yoga classes you need to try

Ready to get started with a yoga class at home? Here are five types of yoga classes that you can take from home with Boomerang. At Boomerang, we offer suitable classes for everyone – from beginner yogis to those with a wealth of experience.

1. Gentle Yoga for Beginners

A person practicing yoga at home

This is the perfect online yoga class to start with if you’re a total beginner or someone who is looking to master the basics of yoga. Dina leads a thoughtful, slow class with detailed explanations that help you refine each pose. Learn as you go with easy instructions for safe alignment, gentle stretching and a renewing experience.

Perfect for: Beginners and those with limited experience.

2. Chair Yoga

A chair used for chair yoga

If you find it difficult to get down on the floor to practice yoga, this class is perfect for you. This accessible, inspiring class allows additional stability for students who have mobility limitations and is open to all skill levels. Chair yoga offers holistic yoga benefits for body and mind. Move through traditional poses and breathing practices in a way that feels comfortable and safe to you. Calm your heart, stimulate your brain, and relieve stress with this renewing class.

Perfect for: Beginners and all levels of experience

Learn more about our chair yoga classes

3. SomaYoga Therapy for Pain Relief

A person holding up their hand

Persistent pain or tension makes everyday life more challenging in a myriad of ways. This class helps get to the root of the brain patterns that can cause our pain, making it worse and creating obstacles to a peaceful life. Learn how you can retrain your brain to release tension, find relief from pain, and begin a new chapter. Gentle, intentional movements enhance mindfulness and give you greater control over your muscles for easier function and movement. This class can help relax breathing, improve hip mobility, address back tension, and more. SomaYoga technique will surprise you as you learn that the simplest movements can make a radical difference in releasing tension and finding freedom from chronic pain. We close this free online yoga class with a guided meditation that soothes your nervous system for a renewed sense of calm and relaxation.

Perfect for: All levels of experience

4. Functional Yoga

A woman practicing yoga

If you have experience with yoga and you’re looking for an experience that combines fitness and mental well-being, this is the class for you. Join Silvana for a physically engaging class that challenges and strengthens your body and mind. This free online yoga class combines exercise with traditional yoga asana for a holistic improvement in well-being.

Perfect for: Advanced or Intermediate participants. This is a more physically challenging practice which includes opportunity for modification.

5. Unwind Restorative and Yin Yoga

An older lady wearing an eye pillow

We all need a chance to release, relax and renew in the midst of a busy week. This free, one-hour yoga class combines Restorative and Yin Yoga practices to connect you with your breath and body. Release tension and worry with mindful movements that bring you back to a place of balance. Alissa guides online students through a set of gentle, supportive postures to help restore the body. You’ll leave this class feeling restful and restored.

Perfect for: All levels of experience

Take an Online Yoga Class for Older Adults with Boomerang

If you feel inspired by the classes above, you’ll love all that Boomerang has to offer. You’ll find classes to inspire, challenge, stay active at home and educate yourself, no matter where you are in your journey.

Sign up for Boomerang and view all of our upcoming online health and wellness classes.

Learn more about our online yoga workshops for older adults.

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