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Member Stories: How Boomerang Enhanced Mary Jane’s Retirement

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Member Stories: How Boomerang Enhanced Mary Jane’s Retirement

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The first thing I notice about Mary Jane is her incredible energy.

A semi-retired dental hygienist who was called back to work during the pandemic, Mary Jane signed up for Boomerang because its online wellness classes fit perfectly around her busy work schedule.

After taking only the first few classes, she noticed herself experiencing more energy, which helped her keep up with the hectic nature of a stressful return to work.

“It’s almost a joke among the staff that I can still work like my colleagues in their 30’s and 40’s”, she says, “I’ve got the energy to keep up the fast pace of getting clients in and out in 45 minute intervals with no problem. I attribute my ability to keep up with the younger staff to my fitness levels, and also to not experiencing the sore back or shoulder [issues] that are prevalent in our career.”

Fitness, connection, and community are three of the benefits to being a Boomerang member, according to Mary Jane.

“I always feel so terrific after each class and I love when I sign on to a class the welcome I receive from each teacher. Over the past years as a member, it’s heartwarming when another member says hi Mary Jane or we chat a little before or after the classes.”

The compassion of Boomerang’s community sets it apart from a regular gym or fitness studio.  

“Boomerang members are not only friendly but compassionate to [others] who may be struggling in some way. There was a member who was really struggling after the loss of a loved one and I think our community has really helped her cope with such sadness.”

When I asked her how she stayed fit before Boomerang she told me that she was a member of a gym but during COVID she did not feel comfortable returning in person. In giving up her gym membership she was able to more fully experience the benefits of Boomerang. 

She told me some of the great benefits of Boomerang were not having to worry about driving to the gym, the cost savings, the ability to do more variety of classes, the quality of the classes and last but not least being able to spend time with her dog who struggles with separation anxiety.

“One aspect of working out at home is not having to drive to a gym, not worrying that you are well dressed and this works especially well for me as I have a small dog who has anxiety when I am away. Working out at home is perfect as she usually lies close by as I do my classes. It also allows me to work out at our cottage or if vacationing during the winter in Florida I can still do all the classes I love. That’s really a bonus!”

Mary Jane also highlighted the cost savings, time savings and variety.

“My subscription has allowed me to do multiple classes during the day as it is definitely more cost effective. I really make use of the subscription and while mostly retired it is great to have so many choices to keep me not only fit but energetic and happy. There are not enough hours in the day to join all the dynamite classes I enjoy participating in. “

Having the incredible energy that she does, Mary Jane has tried almost every class! Some of her favourites include Zumba Toning, Osteofit, Fitness in 15, Brain Fitness, Total Body Strength, Stretch and Connect, Ballet, Slow Yoga and Pilates Fusion, Pilates Flow, Active Agers Bootcamp and Stability Ball Strength. She fits in these online classes almost every week! 

What keeps Mary Jane coming back? 

“I want to thank this sensational social platform for everything they offer and also a big shoutout to all the marvellous instructors who have become friends not just teachers. I have loved and enjoyed each and everyone I have taken classes with. This platform has really enhanced my retirement and I hope it continues for years to come.”

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