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Member Stories: How Boomerang Allowed a 65 year Old to Build her Strength to New Levels

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Member Stories: How Boomerang Allowed a 65 year Old to Build her Strength to New Levels

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“Boomerang allowed me to experiment with activities I’ve never tried before and not worry about looking foolish! For example, I’d wanted to try yoga but hadn’t. The privacy and convenience of being able to do a class at home has been brilliant.”

Kadi is a retired public relations executive who loves to experiment, stay active and travel. She shared that she had not done any formal fitness classes since her “aerobic days when she was in [her] 20s and 30s” and that Boomerang was introducing both new and old favouries back into her routine.

Before Boomerang, she was primarily using her condo gym but didn’t find it as exciting as participating in a group class.

“While I have a convenient 24-hour gym in our condo building that I can use, that’s a self-directed activity without the benefit of an instructor and the feeling of community.”

She also shared that the variety of classes Boomerang offers provides a new and exciting feeling, and the motivation to keep going.

“The sheer variety of physical activity that I undertake now is night and day to only using a treadmill. Having a selection of classes – from Pilates to Zumba to yoga – has kept me motivated.”

She also finds that the instructors are able to meet her body where it’s at.

“The main difference with the instructors on Boomerang is that they offer variations to various activities to accommodate aging bodies. For example, they will give versions that will be easy on your knees or easy on your wrists or that can be done seated. They adapt the classes for a diverse group as well as being incredibly upbeat and positive.”

Over time, Kadi’s participation in Boomerang has also increased her strength to levels she didn’t think were possible at 65 years old.

“There’s no question that I am more fit and strong than I was before joining Boomerang. If you’d told me before joining Boomerang that I was going to be able to hold a plank for a minute I would’ve laughed. But I can! Not bad for a 65-year-old broad”, she jokes.

Her fitness level allows her to enjoy other things in life like traveling and taking on physically challenging trips.

“My husband and I love to travel and having the stamina to walk all day and climb stairs is essential to truly experiencing many destinations. We’re off to Antarctica in November and it is a physically challenging trip.”

Kadi loves that Boomerang provides an easy to use subscription model that provides great value.

“Boomerang is a bargain! With my yearly subscription I’m able to take as many classes as I want. Doesn’t get better than that! If it’s rainy, I may even do two classes in a day!”

She also shares that she is a bit “FitBit obsessed and I rarely miss my daily 10,000 steps”. She gets her steps in at Boomerang as well as with daily walks and enjoys taking photos with her phone and creating daily Instagram stories (@KadiKaljuste).

What would Kadi say to others who are considering joining Boomerang? “It’s a very small investment with a huge ROI. Do it!”

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