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How Boomerang Helped Rozi to Achieve Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit

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How Boomerang Helped Rozi to Achieve Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit

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“Boomerang has become an integral and important part of my week. It has helped me achieve a new balance of mind, body and spirit.”

Rozi strikes me as a high-energy and happy-go-lucky person. I was surprised to learn about the hardships that she had endured. A few years ago Rozi had an accident and suffered a severe concussion that left her with PTSD and post-concussion syndrome. On top of this, three years ago she went through cancer surgery.  

She tells me “these issues, exacerbated by the pandemic, and not being able to do my usual winter escape to Mexico in 2021, put me in an unpleasant place. I had always been a physically active and very involved woman.”

Rozi decided to do some research online to look for fitness programs that could elevate her mood and keep her active.

“I was searching the web for online exercise classes and low and behold Boomerang found me!”

Rozi jumped right into taking 3-4 classes a week including a variety of strength building and mindfulness classes.

“The programmes and activities I found here quite literally helped me to turn my life around. I was able to address muscle strength, toning and endurance for my body. My serotonin levels became regulated and my mind found peace and happiness. Mindful meditation practices have reintroduced the stillness that had left me. “

This was enough to convince Rozi that she no longer needed her gym membership, so she cancelled it. She found that working out with Boomerang was a much better experience. 

“I am more than satisfied with what Boomerang is offering me. I feel like I’m in a private club with no distractions from others. The convenience and comfort of taking classes in my own home is great. Plus, when I’m away for the winter months Boomerang goes with me! Most importantly, I am grateful to Boomerang for the holistic way in which it has helped me find my center again. “

What would Rozi say to others who are considering joining Boomerang? “Join. You will not regret it!  Boomerang is a fabulous addition to my life. I have so much gratitude for the entire Boomerang Team. “

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