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How Boomerang Allowed Donna to Develop A Consistent Workout Plan

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How Boomerang Allowed Donna to Develop A Consistent Workout Plan

Your Stories is a series by Alex, Boomerang’s Community Success Coach, where members share their unique experiences with Boomerang. 

“Consistency and convenience go hand in hand in my opinion. It is wonderful to sign in and begin the class in the comfort of my own home.” 

Donna tells me that working out online with Boomerang has allowed her to work out consistently 3-4 times a week. Before  Boomerang, Donna walked here and there and attended a gym occasionally but was not able to remain consistent. 

She also was a member of a gym but never felt motivated to go because of all the hassle of going to a gym, not to mention that most gyms are not being geared to a 50+ demographic. 

“I was not motivated to go to a gym at all. I feel comfortable knowing that the exercises [on Boomerang] are for 50+ people and that I don’t have to keep up with anyone. We are always encouraged to go at our own pace to avoid any possible injuries. I really cannot describe how much Boomerang has made it so easy to stay motivated and consistent with my exercise goals.”

Her preparation for class is very simple, quick and efficient. It does not involve a long drive to the gym, looking for parking, rushing into a class, lining up for a shower or opting for a sweaty drive home.

“I prepare for a class by getting dressed in my workout clothes, filling my water bottle and then I sign in. It is extremely easy and then I get to hop in the shower afterwards instead of having to drive home.”

In addition to the convenience, there is  a sense of community and an exciting energy associated with working out  with Boomerang. Donna enjoys the friendly and thoughtful instructors, as well as the opportunity to chat with fellow class participants before and after each class. 

“The instructors are very informative and encouraging. At the gym I often felt that I was just a number who participated in a class. Boomerang makes me feel that I am exercising one-on-one with the instructor but also part of a group of like-minded individuals.”

Donna loves dancing and includes many dance classes in her regime to keep things exciting. Some of her favourite classes are Zumba, Line Dancing, Osteofit, Tai Chi, and Kundalini Yoga.  

“I genuinely look forward to the classes and I feel the difference in my overall health. As someone who will soon be 70 years old, I feel so much stronger and healthier than when I first began and I can feel muscles that I’ve never felt!”

Donna discovered that being a member of Boomerang has improved her physical AND mental health as well. 

“Not only has my physical health improved but my mental health has as well. I started classes in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions. I did not feel alone or isolated. I feel so much better since starting with Boomerang.”




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