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4 Ways to Explore Mindfulness Online

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4 Ways to Explore Mindfulness Online

I feel like we all need to take a collective deep breath. Let’s all breathe in for five seconds and let it all out. As much as I’d like to think that you’re indulging me, we need some real help. Our need for mindfulness just keeps getting greater. If for nothing else, finding a way to tune out the noise from the outside world, even for a short time so you can clear your mind, makes exploring some kind of mindfulness worth the effort.

Where you can find mindfulness online

You have to be a bit cautious about technology. As much as it can bring people together and make things increasingly more convenient, it can also be a source of division and anxiety. That said, it’s really about how you use it and how much you use it. You don’t want to spend your time searching for mindfulness activities and get caught in the web. So we took the time to find some mindfulness spaces to help you through your days.

1. Rupi Kaur

It’s not an accident that Rupi Kaur was named the Writer of the Decade. She’s a Canadian poet who has found a way to connect to the soul of readers in her own unique style. Her poetry is sparse but profound, and scrolling through her Instagram feed gives you a feeling of calm and reflection.

2. Mindfulness Apps

There are countless apps out there, promising varying degrees of mindfulness. Some popular ones include Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer, but feel free to try others. In the end, you hope they all get you to the same place, which is an elevated level of awareness and greater peace of mind.

3. YouTube

Guided mindfulness activities come in all different forms, and YouTube is one of them. There are different ways you can go about making this work. You can try this ten-minute meditation or this five-minute meditation. You can also try this ten-minute yoga session, which is a bit more active than other forms of guided mindfulness.

4. Online nature tours

OK, technology can do a lot of things, but it definitely can’t replace nature. That doesn’t mean it won’t try. These National Parks are offering virtual tours. And while it doesn’t replicate walking the trails and enjoying the sounds of nature, it at least gives you the visual peace that comes from the images across your screen.

Make mindfulness a priority

The thing to remember now is that you have to make your mental well being a priority. You should schedule opportunities for mindfulness into your day the same way you do something like brushing your teeth. The world is unpredictable and can suck some of the energy out of you, but if you make the time to keep yourself centred, you’ll be better prepared to take on some of the challenges.

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