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4 Tips for Connecting with Nature in Your Home

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4 Tips for Connecting with Nature in Your Home

If you’re someone who normally likes to venture outside and engage with nature, these past few weeks must’ve been tough. There’s a restorative aspect to nature that’s undeniable and being restricted from that natural connection leaves a space that’s hard to fill. But there are ways to bring some of that nature inside. And though it might not stir quite the same emotions, you’ll still get some of the meditative qualities that are true of nature in any form.

Remember, these suggestions aren’t a substitute for your outdoor experiences, they’re simply another way to enjoy what you love while you’re at home.

1. Get flowers delivered to your home or pick them up curbside

Flowers can do so much to lift your spirits. They add colour to your home and arranging them feels almost cathartic. There are a few ways to get flowers into your home right now.

  • Use a flower subscription like Bloomex. They charge $60/month (currently 50% off so even cheaper) to deliver an assortment of flowers to your home.
  • If you’re in or around Toronto’s downtown core, then try Euclid Farms. For $25/week, you can pick up your flower arrangements curbside in the Trinity Bellwoods area. You’ll have to contact the owner at to make it happen.
  • Perriwinkle Flowers, a local Flower Shop with a truly whimsical name, also does curbside pickup and delivery – check out Perriwinkle Flowers‘ site for more details.
  • You can also plant your own flower seeds. And if you don’t know how, Euclid Farms also does virtual workshops to walk you through the process.

2. Grow your own plants

If you’re open to our last suggestion of planting your own flower seeds, then you’ll likely be up for growing your own plants. This will, of course, take some time and a bit of know-how, but spending time with nature day after day is what you’re after. Even if it’s nurturing one small plant, you’ll still get to build a little bit of that connection to nature that you’re craving. There are some pretty simple YouTube videos you can look up to help you get started.

3. Virtual experiences can help

OK, we’re not going to pretend that staring at wildlife on a screen is in any way the same as actually existing in that space. What we can say is that there are some online opportunities to explore nature that creates a different kind of experience. If you check out Instagram pages like National Geographic and The Nature Conservancy, you’ll get quick glimpses of nature. For more immersive experiences, we recently shared a post on ways to do virtual tours of America’s national parks or museums around the world. Might not be exactly what you want, but it’s better than watching another episode of Homeland.

4. Join a Boomerang online class

Boomerang is also here to help you connect with nature while you’re at home. We have held weekly group discussions that touch on what it means to be closer to yourself, nature and the community. Learn more about the Boomerang community.

Looking for more ways to connect with nature? Read our article on recharging with nature from home.

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