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Make Your Own Dreamy Challah Bread at Home!

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Make Your Own Dreamy Challah Bread at Home!

Bread is the perfect food to make right now.

The cold weather is slightly outstaying its welcome, so we’re still looking for food that’s cozy and comforting. The act of making your own bread and watching it grow can be incredibly healing and inspiring.

Bread baking might be its own form of therapy.

Did you know that bread-baking can be good for mental health? Yes, really! The act of kneading dough is perfect for expelling energy and working out stress, and the reflection needed as you watch bread rise and sense a lovely aroma float around your house? That helps too.

What’s even better than making bread?

Making a bread like challah that brings its own rich history to the table.

Did you miss our sold-out challah bread-making experience?

Don’t worry- you can still get all the benefits of this recap and try it for yourself!

Ready to make your own challah at home?

Here’s what you should know.

Welcome to the holy grail of breads.

Challah is sweet, light, and immensely flavourful. It has a rich history in Jewish tradition- and for many of us, a permanent place on our childhood kitchen tables.

Do you know what challah is?

Challah doesn’t actually refer to a specific kind of bread- instead, it’s a name referring to any bread that is sanctified or used in a Jewish religious practice. When we talk about “challah” in mainstream culture, we’re generally referring to a braided sweet bread. In the past, challah bread could be a simple, pita-like bread. If you’re new to challah, you may be familiar with brioche, a bread similar to our current-day challah and also known for its eggy, fluffy, textural perfection. But challah is special in that it’s an important part of Jewish tradition.

Know the story to honour the tradition.

Real challah bread is made to be kosher with all meals. It doesn’t contain butter or dairy! Great for all of you dairy-free folks out there. The origins of challah stem from the Torah, when God tells Moses to put aside a piece of each loaf as a sacred offering to Jewish priests. Kosher bakeries today will knead the homemade dough and separate a small bit of dough to burn in commemoration.

Perfect the braid.

The challah is steeped in tradition in other ways too- and this includes the 12 strands of the braid! Getting the braid just right is essential when it comes to perfecting your own challah. The 12 strands of the challah represent the 12 loaves of ceremonial bread kept in the Holy Template.

Watch Boomerang Host Shiela Labow coach you through the perfect braiding technique from our Challah Bread-making experience the other day.

Ready to get started? Here are two Challah recipes to explore and perfect!

Click here to try a great recipe from NPR.

Click here to try a challah recipe from Modernist bread.

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