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How to Connect With Your Kids on Mother’s Day

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How to Connect With Your Kids on Mother’s Day

You may not be able to physically see your kids this Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect. By now, you’ve probably used some version of video chat to communicate with your family. On Mother’s Day, though, it’s all about what you do when you’re on that video that will make this year memorable.

We have a few suggestions we think will work. Really, though, it’s about getting creative and finding simple ways to make your Mother’s Day filled with the love and appreciation you deserve.

5 creative ways to connect with family on Mother’s Day

It only takes a little bit of improvising to make Mother’s Day a virtual success.

1. Virtual stories

Why not use this Mother’s Day as a time to reflect. Set up a video chat with your son or daughter and share stories of how they embarrassed you when they were toddlers or teenagers. Find the stories that are especially cringe-worthy, so they realize just how much you put up with for all these years. And if they have kids, get them to share stories of how their kids embarrass them now. It’s only fair.

2. Virtual mani-pedis

Get a bit creative with how you spend your time this Mother’s Day. A simple video chat is great, but what if you took it the extra mile and set up a virtual Mother’s Day mani-pedi? Of course, it’s an excuse for a little indulgent self-care, but you get the added bonus of spending some virtual quality time with your kids.

3. Get the family together

There’s nothing that would feel better this Mother’s Day than connecting with the people you love. And while Mother’s Day is usually all about celebrating you as a mom, this year might be a great time to get the whole family together. Organize a Zoom conference with extended family members who you have a close relationship with. It’s like a small virtual party where everyone can take part from their own home. Since travel isn’t an issue, there should be none of the typical excuses.

4. Virtual dessert

One underrated aspect of Mother’s Day is all the tasty treats. You can have some of your favourite delectables delivered and set up a video chat where you and your kids bite into chocolate-covered cranberries or white chocolate bars or dark chocolate covered almonds. Pour yourself a glass of wine and read your virtual cards that we’re sure your kids sent you!

5. Share a new skill and get crafty

Learn a new skill and share it with the ones you love in your own virtual family workshop. Sign up for a creative workshop with Boomerang – we run a variety of different workshops such as jewellery making, poetry, storytelling, painting, faux calligraphy and more.

6. Explore your creative side with Boomerang workshops

Explore your interests, learn new skills, connect with people who share your passions. Join Boomerang for free and get access to a variety of online workshops and experiences you’ll love. For example, check out our upcoming Mothers’ Day Meditation Experiences!

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