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Spending Mother’s Day Alone?

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Spending Mother’s Day Alone?

Here are 5 ways to make Mother’s Day special while social distancing

It might feel funny to anticipate a Mother’s Day without the kids, and that’s perfectly understandable! This is a day that’s meant to celebrate all that you’ve done for your kids; the late nights, early mornings, band practices, soccer games, diaper changes, averted disasters, driving to school, teenage rebellions, and so much more. It’s important to acknowledge that this Mother’s Day 2020 will be a different one, but you can still celebrate yourself and feel great doing so.

1. Pamper yourself for the ultimate self-care Mother’s Day!

What’s something you’ve always wished you had time for? Maybe there’s a TV show that’s always felt like a guilty pleasure, or a movie you meant to see but never did. Maybe while the kids were around, you could never take a long bubble bath or finish a book. Turn your home into the ultimate spa; we’re talking candles, a glass of your favourite wine, a calming playlist, and whatever else inspires you. Maybe head out on a nature walk with no agenda but to connect with the outside world. This Mother’s Day, give yourself permission to have a day that’s all about celebrating you.

2. Are you less into pampering and more of the productive type? Connect with the community and join a virtual class

If you feel inspired by new challenges, then try something you’ve never done in honour of Mother’s Day. With many of us at home right now, there are countless incredible opportunities to connect with a new community online and to sign up for free classes. Boomerang offers a variety of classes each month, including yoga for beginners, pilates and strength exercises.

3. Express yourself with creative projects

If you feel restless and ready to express yourself, use today to get creative. What art supplies do you already have at home in the cupboard? What could you do with that giant stack of magazines you’ve been meaning to recycle? Creating a collage, drawing, painting, or sculpting can all be great ways to connect with yourself and your body. By the way, you don’t need to be an art prodigy to enjoy this. Even if you’re bad at drawing, you may be surprised at how good it feels to create and express yourself without judgement. Give it a try.

4. Are you seeking a new community? Learn how to connect in a virtual space

If you’re hungry for connection, you’re truly not alone. Check out our blog post on finding connection in a virtual age, at any age. We’ve included links to virtual dance parties and classes that will inspire and challenge you. Dancing your way through Mother’s Day with 6000 strangers may sound bizarre, but we bet you’d enjoy it.

5. Share old memories with your family

Take a walk down memory lane. Explore the old photo albums (perhaps it’s time to organize some of them into a book). Take photos of some of your favourite moments and text them to your kids so they can relive the memories with you. Are you a knitter? Maybe it’s time to start knitting a new sweater for one of the kids. You’ll have a creative project to work on, and you can send them ideas to see what they might actually wear. This way, you’ll have a project to focus on when you miss having them around.

Click here for an article that has even more ideas for creative connection this Mother’s Day.

6. Focus on gratitude

Being alone may be unusual on Mother’s Day, but it doesn’t need to be lonely. Take a moment to jot down some joyful memories and expressions of gratitude. They can be as simple as your health, your children’s safety, a neighbour who checks in, a chance to laugh with your kids over the phone, or a pet that brings you joy. Remember that it’s also okay to feel a bit off today. This is your day –so your feelings and needs are all especially valid. Start the day by asking, “what do I need today?” and just go from there.

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