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How to Stay Connected at Home

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How to Stay Connected at Home

How can I socialize without leaving the house?

We’ve got you covered.

Here’s an ultimate guide to virtual hangouts so you can reconnect with those you love!

Home is where the heart is!

That’s absolutely true. But what if your kids, friends, or loved ones live far away? It’s easy to feel stuck when we want to be with the people we love. That’s why we’ve created your ultimate guide to social hangouts- without ever leaving your house! In a time where we’re all looking for creative ways to connect, let’s think outside the box to shape community in new ways.

Try a new way of connecting and learn something new!

Pass on a family tradition.

Have you been wanting to share Aunt Edna’s famous banana bread recipe? Why wait? Host your own educational session with your kids, friends, or grandkids and create a classic family recipe together. You’ll be able to see their progress through an online video platform- so you can easily tell them that they’ll need to knead the dough a bit more, or that they should take it easy on the salt. Creating something together allows you to share something close to your heart even while you’re far apart.

Make it a party, baby!

It’s easier to have one-on-one time, but what about upping the fun factor a bit? It’s easy to have a game night now with online game platforms like Jackbox! The other night I was in a Zoom call where three families in three different cities played games on a gaming platform- once we figured it out, everyone felt included and got wrapped up in a jubilant, competitive spirit. It was fun to see the reactions and laughs everyone had- including the adults! You can also share drink recipes pre-party so the parents can enjoy a fun cocktail while the kids enjoy their game.

Write a letter and feel better.

We know- it’s been a while for some of us! But send a letter and you might just get one back! Try doing something out of your comfort zone, like painting a picture to send or telling a story about your life through a letter. If you have family you can connect with, send a personalized note to each of the grandkids- you might just get some colourful artwork in return! If you’re sending a note to someone who’s chosen family, elect a friend to be your “pen pal” and share secrets through the post. Classic and romantic!

Go to the movies!

Platforms like Netflix are getting ahead of the curve by launching additions like “Netflix Party” where multiple people can watch a movie at the exact same time together- complete with a chat bar at the side. This works in a less tech-heavy way too- make a big bowl of popcorn and plan a time everyone will watch the same movie. Then plan a video or phone call afterwards to recap your favourite moments! Choose a show to watch every week at the same time and you’ll always have it scheduled in. Bonus points if everyone watching dresses in a costume that matches the theme of the film.

Dance it out!

If you’re looking for some last minute fun, why not (virtually) grab some friends and join others in an online dance class. The whole experience is meant to get you back in your body, feeling confident and calm. Everyone is dancing in their living room and having a great time- dance is a brilliant way to laugh and unwind.

Start a book club.

May we recommend something fun, upbeat, or escapist? This is the perfect time to enjoy a good book- and it’s even nicer to enjoy great literature when you know you’ll get to dish about it later. Send an email or make some calls to see who’s interested- maybe start by asking if anyone’s reading a good book right now. At the very least, you’ll have a great conversation and get a good book recommendation out of the exercise!

Give them something to ask about.

Even though connecting with others is important, it’s also incredibly valuable to stay inspired ourselves! A new challenge can bring fresh life to any relationship- just try telling your friends or family that you took up Zumba or learned Tai Chi! They’re sure to have questions. It’s great for us all to keep inspiring ourselves- and surprising others!

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