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6 Free Things to Do Online While You’re at Home

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6 Free Things to Do Online While You’re at Home

So many platforms and institutions that primarily conducted events and experiences in the physical world are moving some of their operations online. That’s a huge benefit and gives us all something to look forward to. Even better, many of these institutions are now offering experiences for FREE or extending free trials and live-streaming.

There are a number of exciting experiences that have been shifted online, and all the ones we’re about to list won’t cost you anything but your attention. Let’s get into it.

6 ways you can expand your horizons in the comfort of your home, without spending a dime:

1. Try online learning

There are actually far too many free online courses offered by Ivey League institutions to name in this piece, so we’ll list a few that stand out. These range from computer science to philosophy and self-improvement to ethics and historical-social themes. You can learn anything from the comfort of your home, and with the pedigree attached to these offerings, you know the content is going to be well-made.

2. Take a free virtual tour of one of the world’s premiere museums

Museums and other institutions aren’t able to host people inside their facilities for the time being, so some of them have turned to virtual tours. Here are some virtual museum tours you may be interested in.

3. Enjoy a kid-friendly adventure with kids, grandkids or nieces and nephews

And, don’t miss this cute video of penguins exploring the Shedd Aquarium! After the facility closed to visitors, the workers allowed penguins to leave their enclosure and explore all of the other animals that live here. It’s impossible to know what is going on in their heads – but watching the journey is a treat, for sure.

4. Tour one of America’s most famous national parks

It might not be possible to witness these natural wonders in person, but here are some virtual nature tours that might pique your interest:

There’s actually a list of all the U.S. national parks giving virtual tours if you had another one in mind.

5. Get down with at home dance parties

DJs have always posted videos or done short live clips of them performing, but recently they’ve taken it to another level. Most famously, DJ DNice united over 100,000 followers all at once for his Instagram Live Party that featured guests like Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Drake and a host of other celebrities. Here are a few names to check out on Instagram and other platforms:

Remember, some are day parties, while others are more towards the evening or night. So, it’s possible to break it down any time of day.

6. Wind down with more online entertainment options


Just in case Netflix is getting a bit stale, Crave has extended its free seven-day trial period to a full 30 days. So if you’re into shows on HBO, it might be a good idea to give the trial a try.

Netflix Party

This is a Chrome extension that is designed to let you watch TV with loved ones long-distance. You need a Google Chrome browser to use this extension, but Netflix Party is totally FREE for Netflix users.

Attend a free concert

From Death Cab for Cutie to Bruce Springsteen, there are more free concerts online now than you can possibly make it to. Here’s a list of the best ones, according to Digital Trends.

And, finally, make sure you check out Boomerang online classes – learning something new in a supportive environment is perhaps one of the best things you can do, all from the comfort of your living room.

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