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10 Funny Instagram Accounts to Follow

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10 Funny Instagram Accounts to Follow

Although it’s important to stay informed and up to date with what’s happening in the world, sometimes we just need a break. Social media can be a double edged sword when it comes to the stories and images you’re presented with, that’s why we suggest you be a bit more intentional with some of the profiles you follow.

If Instagram is your go-to platform, we’ve found some profiles that can help brighten your day. Whether these profiles put a smile on your face or warm your heart, you’ll feel better after scrolling through their images.

Follow these Instagram accounts to feel better about your day

1. Old Toronto

If you’re ready to take a trip down memory lane while also getting a bit of a history lesson, then you need to follow Old Toronto. They share images of what Toronto used to look like yesteryear and pair that with some cool stories you may not have known. And if you enjoy this account, there’s also @oldcanadaseries and @oldontarioseries that are all part of the same family.

2. We The Urban

wetheurban instagram posts

This page is all about self-love and inclusivity. What makes them a bit different is that @wetheurban chooses to tell these stories from the perspective of marginalized voices.

3. The Sad Collective

I know what you’re thinking: how is a page called The Sad Collective supposed to lift your spirits? Fair question. The answer is that their page really isn’t that sad. It’s really about engaging in the conversation of mental health but not in a depressing kind of way. It’s actually quite the opposite. You’ll understand once you see some of their posts.

4. Reigning Women

We had to come back strong with this one. If you’re a woman looking to be inspired and empowered on a daily basis, this is where you should start. Reigning Women puts the crown where it rightfully belongs without being demeaning to the opposite sex. You’ll feel like you’re ready to do anything after a week on this page.

itsdougthepug instagram posts

5. Doug The Pug

What would the internet be without cute animals to awww at? There are plenty, but Doug the Pug makes our list because his pics are adorable overload. Wait till you see the costumes and poses on little Doug’s page.

6. Grumpy Cat

One more pet page to add to your daily dose of cuteness. Grumpy Cat is an Instagram icon. The name alone sets the stage and when you dive onto the page, you’ll belly laugh at some of the poses.

realgrumpycat instagram posts

7. Brown Cardigan

OK, time for some laughs. Brown Cardigan is a page filled with Australian humour. It’s mostly videos of people unintentionally doing ridiculous things that happen to be caught on camera. Think America’s Funniest Home videos for Instagram.

8. Jerry of the Day

If you’ve ever watched those videos with skateboarders or athletes on bicycles doing wild stunts that don’t end so well, then yeah, this page is for you. It’s a bit quirky, but good for a solid laugh or two to distract you from your day.

9. Chef Merch

I don’t know about you, but food makes me happy. If you’re the same, then you have to check out Chef Merch’s account (Merch is short for ‘merchant’). The Gourmand, as he likes to call himself, creates fusion dishes that make your mouth water through the screen. Make sure there’s a kitchen nearby when you’re scrolling his page, so you can get a snack as you follow along.

10. Nature

Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch the world in all its glory. That’s what this page is about. Enjoy natural scenes from around the world, including wildlife, landscapes and even actual people. The images are as beautiful as they are inspiring.

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