Why should I host with Boomerang?

Boomerang is here to provide you with a platform to grow your business and connect with a community of vibrant 50+ Canadians. Below are some key reasons to host with us:

  1. Make an Impact: Make a positive impact on people’s lives by sharing your skills and passions with people eager to learn from you.
  2. Grow Your Network: Hosting workshops on Boomerang gives you access to our highly unique and engaged community of 60,000+ loyal members across Canada.
  3. Feel Empowered: Share the skills you’ve amassed over the years in our welcoming community, using our platform’s professional Host Tools & Resources. Our focus in the upcoming months will be to improve the Host experience and add to your host toolkit. Click here to see some of our upcoming features.
  4. Earn Extra Income: Casually earn extra income by sharing your skills and passions when it suits your schedule.
  5. Flexibility: Create and facilitate your own content, and conduct workshops from your home on a schedule that suits you.
  6. Connect with a Vibrant Community: Meet, teach, and form meaningful connections with a community of highly engaged and motivated people over the age of 50 from across Canada and the world.