What is Boomerang’s long-term vision for the platform?

Since launching in 2019, Boomerang’s vision is to be a platform for adults to learn and discover new passions. We have created a platform where members, hosts, and partners can come together to share skills, engage in activities and discussions, and connect with new people. As we look towards the future, we’ve identified the following growth opportunities to support our vision:

  1. Independent host tools that empower hosts to create and facilitate their workshops how and when they want, without waiting for support from a coordinator. This is while receiving the benefits of a dedicated community coordinator, a new and improved Host Resource Centre with helpful documents and forums to ask questions, & networking opportunities.
  2. A key focus on Wellness related workshops that nurture mental, physical, emotional, and financial health, especially as we transition out of a global pandemic.
  3. Increased marketing support to promote hosts and connect them with members interested in their workshops.
  4. Product improvements to enable members to seamlessly discover and purchase workshops.