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Easy, Tasty Biscotti You Can Make Yourself

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Easy, Tasty Biscotti You Can Make Yourself

Biscotti is delicious and surprisingly easy to make.

With a rich history and delicious nutty taste, biscotti is the perfect biscuit to pair with your morning coffee. These delicious, almond-based biscuits hail from Italy, where they first gained popularity for their crunchy texture and nutty taste.

As kids we may have been perplexed by this hard pastry, but dip the biscuit in a hot drink and you’ll enjoy the rich flavour at any time of day. Read on to learn about what makes biscotti special. Then learn a new skill and make your own; with an easy recipe from our accomplished host and celebrated baker Sheila Labao.

Why should you consider biscotti baking as an essential kitchen skill?

Biscotti is the perfect pantry staple. It’s also a brilliant food to bake because it allows for creativity and gets along well with most other culinary companions. Once you’ve mastered the recipe below, expand your retirement hobby to explore more biscotti flavours and variations. While most biscotti recipes call for nuts like almonds or walnuts, you can get creative with liqueurs, nuts, dried fruits and spices, chocolate, and more. Perhaps you’ll make a dessert biscotti for summer evenings and a more savory flavour to start the day. Sheila even recommends dipping them in chocolate.

If you’re looking to connect with others, biscotti baking can open doors for you as well. Double the recipe and deliver tins of biscotti to the doorstep of three friends with a personal note so they know you’re thinking of them. Looking to attend a baking workshop? Learn biscotti baking in our online workshop. Connect with new friends and learn a skill you can enjoy for life.

What’s so special about baking and eating biscotti?

  • Biscotti lasts longer than other treats. When biscotti was first introduced in 14th-century Tuscany, it became the holy grail of desserts because it didn’t expire. In a time without fridges or preservatives, it was rare to have a treat that wouldn’t expire easily. Baking these biscuits twice makes them more resistant to mold, allowing for easy long-term storage.
  • Biscotti is loved around the world. Even if you haven’t picked up biscotti baking as a retirement hobby yet, you’ve likely tried some version of it. Biscotti’s popularity grew quickly with similar double-baked treats popping up in neighbouring countries. German “zwieback” and British “hardtack” biscuits were variations on the long-lasting treat.
  • Biscotti is the perfect companion for an afternoon tea, or a year out at sea! Biscotti originated as the food of adventurers; long sailing expeditions and famous explorers heralded its rich flavour –even after weeks at sea. Even if you’re not planning an expedition anytime soon, it’s just as effective for a solo picnic or accompanied by an afternoon mint tea on the veranda.

We’ve got a special biscotti recipe for you.

Sheila Labao is a baking instructor from Toronto. She generously shared the recipe below with us. Join us for her upcoming baking workshop to master your baking skills with a professional. It’s a perfect class for beginners and experienced bakers –with helpful tips and delicious recipes that will make retirement sweeter than ever.

IngredientsFor the Dough: Optional:1 cup Ap Flour 1⁄4 cup Dried Apricot1 cup Whole Wheat flour 1⁄4 cup Sliced Almonds2 Eggs 1⁄4 cup Chocolate1⁄2 stick of Softened Butter3⁄4 cup Sugar1⁄2 tsp Almond Extract1 tsp Salt1 tsp Baking PowderPreparation

Make the dough1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.Prepare a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

2. Mix both types of flour, salt, baking powder inone bowl and set aside.

3. Whisk softened butter and sugar together.Whisk until creamy. Add the eggs, almondextract and any other liquid flavouring until wellmixed.

4. Add the dried ingredients to the wet. Mix untilyou form a dough. Add desired additionalingredients (dried fruit, nuts, or chocolatechips). Mix until additional ingredients are wellincorporated.

Bake5. Shape the dough into a log on the parchmentlined cookie sheet. About 1.5 inch in height.Sprinkle any other additional toppings on top ifdesired.

6. Bake for 20 minutes.

7. After first bake, let the log cool for about 15 minutes. Once slightly cooled, slice to desired thickness using a sharp knife (no serrated knife).

8. Lay cookies, sliced side up. You may need 2 cookie sheets to do this. Bake for another 15 minutes or until crisp.

9. Let cookies cool completely before dipping in chocolate if desired.

Join our baking workshops with Shiela Labao If you’re looking to get inspired, check out Sheila’s Instagram for more great baking ideas and inspiration.

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