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Coming Soon: Our new Boomerang website!

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Starting in a few days, your Boomerang experience is going to get better. Here is why.

Our new website allows you to find inspiring experiences and connect with the Boomerang community like never before. Boomerang has always been more than a website or a series of events. We’ve grown into a rich, vibrant community of people across Canada celebrating the best phase of their life with passion. That’s why we’re so happy to be celebrating our one year anniversary with the launch of our new website, made just for you.

We’ve prepared a sneak peak of what you’ll be able to do after you create your new Boomerang account in just a few days.

Here’s what you will learn in this blog post:

1. What’s new?

2. More information about creating your new account in the next few days

3. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s new?

We want you to know we’ve been listening every time you offer feedback or advice on how we can improve. The new website is built with the improvements you’ve been asking for. Here’s what’s new:

A personalized login experience.

Our new website allows you to have your very own account. This brand new login system lets you experience Boomerang the way you want: you can see all of the workshops coming up, see past workshops you’ve attended, and save the ones that interest you to revisit later. Over time, as we get to know you better, you’ll start to see the workshops that are unique to you.

Build your new profile.

Here’s where things get fun. Fill in some basic information to make your workshop suggestions more personal and suited to your interests. This will help us build a more personalized Boomerang experience for you.

Location: We’ll notify you when we have workshops near you.

Interests: If we know there’s interest in a specific topic, we’ll make those workshops a priority

Birth month: We’d love to celebrate you.

Profile photo: We recommend uploading a photo to ensure a safe, transparent space for us all to connect.

What can other Boomerang members see?

Your first name, profile photo, city, and interests will be visible to other Boomerang members from the event page for workshops you attend. Don’t worry – only logged in Boomerang members can see this information and we never share personal identifying information like your last name, birthday, or email address to other users.

A new discovery experience to find the perfect workshop.

Now you can find inspiring workshops quickly and effortlessly, and see all of your past and upcoming workshops in one place. We’ve improved our workshop discovery experience so you can find inspiring workshops quickly and effortlessly. Our new filtering lets you sort workshops by interest and date. Interested in learning a new craft or improving your photography skills? Now you can find what you’re looking for with ease!

All your favourite workshops in one place.

We’ve created a dedicated page where you can see your workshop history. Keep track of past workshops you loved so you can take them again in the future, and see your upcoming workshops so you never forget! Plus, now you can favourite the workshops that interest you and revisit them every time you log in.

More workshop details.

Our workshop pages have had a makeover too. Now you can easily find all the information you need about a workshop in one place. Our fabulous new design makes it easy to find key information like location, time, price, and who else is attending. We also have detailed event descriptions and information about workshop hosts, so you can walk into your new experience fully informed.

Plus, more to come…

We want you to know that we’re just getting started. Our team is working hard to continuously improve your Boomerang experience. In the future, you can expect website improvements that enable you to find even more workshops and connect deeply with the Boomerang community.

2. Creating your new account in the next few days

Each existing Boomerang member will receive an email from Boomerang to create a new account. Simply follow the instructions we send you to start enjoying the new Boomerang website.

3. Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about the new Boomerang? We’ve created a list of Frequently Asked Questions so you can easily access important information.

If you ever need any additional help, please reach out to us at to speak to someone from the Boomerang team. We’re here to support you as you continue your learning journey on Boomerang!

More than an online community.

Here at Boomerang, we’re on a mission to create real connection and opportunities for boomers to ignite their sense of purpose. The connections we make with each other here on Boomerang go beyond the virtual world. We’re so excited to continue unveiling new updates and features to help you dive into new opportunities and skills with confidence. We want to inspire you, help you find education in the areas you’re passionate about, and spark enjoyable experiences that make your life better every day. Our new Boomerang website is just the beginning of the next chapter in our journey toward more meaningful connections and shared learning experiences.

Let us know what you think.

What do you think of our new website? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram. Once you’ve had a chance to take a tour of the new Boomerang website and create your account, get tickets for the workshops that ignite your creativity or suggest ones that you’d like to see.

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