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How to Join a Boomerang Workshop

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How to Join a Boomerang Workshop

There’s a new and simple way to join your workshops! Instead of having to sort through old emails to find the Zoom/WebEx link, you’ll now be able to join with a click of a button within your account! Here’s how to do it.

1. Sign in to your Boomerang Account here.

If you have already registered for a workshop and are looking to enter the meeting skip to step 6.

2. Go to the Workshop Discovery page.

3. Click on the workshop that you’re interested in attending.

4. Click the “Purchase Tickets” button and enter your details to register.

5. We recommend you add the workshop to your calendar as a reminder (optional).

6. When it is time to join your workshop, log in to your Boomerang account and navigate to your “My Workshops” page.

7. Click the workshop that you will be joining.

8. Click the “Join Now” button to enter the meeting.

We recommend you aim to join 10 minutes ahead of your start time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about joining workshops

1. I did not receive the meeting link in the confirmation or reminder email. How do I join a workshop?

We will no longer be including video conference information in the workshop emails. You must sign in to your account, navigate to your “My Workshops” page, and select the workshop you want to enter when it is time to join the live meeting. Click the “Join Now” button to enter the meeting.

2. When can I enter a workshop I have registered for?

The “Join Now” button goes live one hour before each meeting’s start time. This does not mean the instructor or other guests will be in the meeting at this point. We recommend that you join the meeting 10 minutes prior to the start time to ensure your device’s audio and visuals are working properly.

3. I cannot locate the workshop I registered for to join the meeting. What do I do?

First, make sure you are logged into your Boomerang account. Second, check the “Past Workshops” section below your “Purchased Workshops” section on your “My Workshops” page. If you’re attempting to join the meeting late, the workshop may have transitioned there. If you still cannot locate the workshop, please email us at immediately with the subject line “Urgent: Cannot Access Workshop.” Our customer service team will be in contact with you as soon as they can.

4. The button to join the workshop is not working. How do I enter the meeting?

There could be a few reasons for this:

  1. If the “Join Now” button is grey and provides a time count until the meeting is live, this means you’re early (we appreciate your punctuality), and you will need to wait until the meeting is live. Remember, all of our workshops operate on Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  2. If the “Join Now” button is green and you’re met with a Zoom pop-up that states, “The Host has another meeting in progress”, we ask that you patiently wait until the start time of your meeting, as we often have workshops back to back each day.
  3. If the button still does not work, we recommend that you open up the Zoom or Webex app on your device and enter the Meeting ID and password to join the meeting.

5. I registered for a workshop series. How do I access my meeting each week?

You will be able to access and enter each workshop by navigating back to the workshop series page under “My Workshops.” If it is not under “Purchased Workshops,” please check below under “Past Workshops” to find the workshop page and click the “Join Now” button each week.

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