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Boomerang’s Virtual Discussion Group, as experienced by our resident writer

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Boomerang’s Virtual Discussion Group, as experienced by our resident writer

Our resident writer, Kern Carter, sat in on Boomerang’s Weekly Discussion Group to get the ‘inside scoop’ on what goes on in this unique Boomerang Workshop led as a collaboration between Blooming Caravan, Boomerang ,Garden Jane and Recreo. Here is what he experienced.

I Crashed Boomerang’s Virtual Meditation Session

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. Ane, Boomerang’s Co-founder, had asked me to sit in on a discussion group that included things like a virtual guided meditation session, and although I was eager, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. More specifically, I didn’t think that it was possible to induce a state of group mindfulness and togetherness over an online platform like Zoom. People would be distracted, they wouldn’t be able to focus, and the shared energy that comes with being physically present with other people would be impossible to replicate.

But this is why you shouldn’t judge before you take part in an experience. The person leading the session was Victoria Muir Burcea. While I can’t personally speak to her experience in this field, she handled the session like a conductor leading a twenty-piece orchestra.

From the very first moments, she made sure the group was grounded in their own physical space. She encouraged them to feel the chair they’re sitting on, to acknowledge the floor and other points of physical contact. As I listened to her words, I felt more present, myself. After taking a few deep breaths, there was nothing else disturbing the space my mind and body were occupying.

While feeling focused and comfortable in my own space, I started feeling what I can only describe as a kind of freedom. Victoria then pushed us to be aware of our senses — to use our eyes to imagine beautiful scenes, the shape of our nose and what it can smell. If your eyes were closed (and mine were), this was a time of exploration. With each body part, my mind was taken somewhere else. Each sensation felt like a different destination. It really was an intriguing experience, and we had barely even started.

There were a lot of moments that stood out over the course of the meditation. I was still a bit curious about how Victoria would make the group feel connected and not like they were off having separate and independent experiences. What she did to facilitate those feelings of togetherness was to ask everyone to share a word that expressed how they were feeling. Words like “inspired” and “hungry” were typed into a group chat. This was done twice throughout the meditation session, including near the end, to really bring everyone together.

Guided Virtual Meditations are necessary

This experience taught me that virtual meditations are not only a good idea; they might actually be necessary for us to maintain peace of mind in this time of physical distancing. Not only do I encourage you to try at least one guided virtual meditation, I think it’s necessary. Being present, feeling supported, finding ways to cope — these are all potential outcomes of guided meditation. And while we’re still trying to figure out ways to feed our soul with the physical connection that’s so important to our existence, these meditations provide a means of being part of a unique kind of community. One that centres you in your own being while coming together for a shared purpose.

I have to give a shout out to Victoria Muir Burcea. She really did a great job leading everyone through the session. And I want to thank myself for being open-minded enough to learn and feel something new, and Ane for giving me the opportunity to be there in the first place.

So, why not give Boomerang’s Weekly Discussion Group a try? Join Boomerang today and gain access to one of the many other Mindfulness and Wellness Workshops that Boomerang is running over the next few weeks.

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