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Boomerang at the Zoomer Show

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Boomerang at the Zoomer Show

You couldn’t imagine the energy. That had to be the biggest surprise of last weekend, which we spent at the Zoomer Show. There were thousands of people walking around curiously from booth to booth listening to what each had to offer. The best way to describe it would be peaceful chaos excitement beaming through the entire venue – and we soaked it all in.

If you’ve never been to the Zoomer Show, allow us to fill you in. We were inside of the Enercare Centre on the Exhibition grounds. The booths were categorized by themes like Home, Travel, Finance, and my personal favourite, the Fun Zone. From a mid-show aerobic workout to square-dancing classes to

There were presentations on how not to get scammed by fake insurers happening simultaneously with dozens of people participating in an aerobics workout. You can get info on the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP) next to the booth where you could get your portrait drawn (OK, OK, we were the ones doing the portraits). Basically, lots of things were happening and everyone took their time to enjoy the experience.

At the Boomerang booth, we were having a great time. We hoped that people would be interested in what we were doing, but the response was greater than we could’ve dreamed. Maybe it’s because we held mini-workshops nearly every hour. Maybe it was the shuffleboard game. Whatever the attraction, people flocked to our booth and we were able to give them a small sample of what it’s like to be a member of Boomerang.

And that was really our goal; to welcome even more people into our community. Zoomer has created an amazing platform for seniors and Boomerang is working hard to build our own space where you feel empowered to share your passions and learn new skills. The response we experienced this weekend is more proof we’re moving in the right direction.

So what now? We keep going, of course! The holidays are around the corner and will be the first we celebrate at Boomerang. We’re definitely planning to make it special for all our members. Keep an eye on our newsletter for announcements and updates on what will be happening.  There will be holiday-themed workshops coming up!


Boomerang is a new creative workshops platform that makes it easy for retired & semi-retired individuals to learn new skills, explore their passions & connect with the community.

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