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6 Easy Cake Recipes for National Dessert Day

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6 Easy Cake Recipes for National Dessert Day

Did you know that there’s a National Dessert Day? Whoever thought of this deserves a prize, because what could be sweeter than a day dedicated to chocolate cakes and apple pies? If your mouth isn’t watering already, it should be.

There’s something special about the process of baking a cake. Cakes need extra love and attention, so they come out just right. And who knows more about love and attention than you do?

When is National Dessert Day?

National Dessert Day falls on October 14th.

In time for National Dessert Day on October 14, we’re sharing six of our favourite cake recipes for your favourite desserts. So grab your cake pan and preheat that oven; we’re baking cakes!

6 can’t miss cake recipes

Cake is a versatile dessert that is easy to whip up to celebrate an event or in a pinch for a quick dessert. We know you’re excited, so we’ll get straight to it. Here are six, can’t miss cake recipes you can try.

1. No Bake Cheesecake

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Photo by Estefanía Escalante Fernández on Unsplash

This feels like cheating. You get to enjoy the richness of cheesecake without baking it? It shouldn’t be possible, but it is. This style of cheesecake is lighter than traditionally baked ones, but it’s just as delicious. You’ll need a lot of the same ingredients, like butter, cream cheese, and graham cracker crumbs. Serve and enjoy!

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2. Simple Birthday Cake

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Photo by Takuya Nagaoka on Unsplash

It’s your birthday! Okay, maybe not, but it’s someone’s birthday, and that’s all the excuse you need. Birthday cakes are extra special because they’re made in celebration of someone you care about. For this simple vanilla cake recipe, you’ll need buttermilk, cake flour, along with other basic ingredients you likely have in your cupboard.

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3. French Apple Cake

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Photo by Dilyara Garifullina on Unsplash

My oh my. This recipe we’re about to give you has nearly 2,000 reviews and a perfect 5/5 score. If there’s one cake you try on this list, it should be this one. And notice we said apple cake and not apple pie. This is definitely a cake and you’ll need apples that can hold their shape (such as Honeycrisp or Granny Smith) to get the best results. You can also mix apples if you really want to elevate the flavours.

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4. Microwave Mug Cake

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Photo by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash

Let’s tone this down just a little. This microwave mug cake recipe can be ready in less than ten minutes. It’s a single serve so you can make it while your partner is in the shower and have it all to yourself. Flour, sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder are some of the core ingredients. Less than two minutes in the microwave and voilà!

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5. Open Bowl Chocolate Cake

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Photo by Will Echols on Unsplash

When you think of chocolate cake, you think of the moistness, the soft texture, the icing in between each layer; It’s absolutely delectable. This recipe doesn’t disappoint. It takes about an hour to make, and with simple ingredients and a little bit of love, you’ll be licking your fingers.

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6. Crockpot S’mores Cake

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Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

Some cakes are meant to look neat and perfectly put together, then there’s Crockpot S’mores Cake. The presentation of this cake is a bit all over the place but the mix of marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate more than makes up for it. No need to be polite eating this. Dig in and let loose.

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