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5 Tips for Growing Houseplants

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5 Tips for Growing Houseplants
Mini Guide: How to Grow Indoor Plants

Aren’t plants just beautiful? They’re such a wonderful and useful addition to your home and infuse life, nature, colour and just overall good energy. If you’re not a natural green thumb, however, taking care of houseplants takes some practice. Not all houseplants require the same level of care and attention, and if you’re not knowledgeable about which plants need what, you’ll be picking up brown leaves from all over your floors. 

5 tips to keep your houseplants alive and thriving

Knowing that caring for houseplants isn’t easy, we put together some simple tips for you to consider. These tips will help get you started and hopefully prevent any of your houseplants from prematurely passing away. 

1. Give plants proper light conditions 

This is a big one, which is why we’re listing it first. Generally speaking, plants need light. But many houseplants require different levels of exposure if you hope to keep them healthy and growing. Some plants need indirect light, which means you can’t just leave it in front of your biggest window. Others need all the light they can get. Knowing the specific lighting conditions each plant needs is the first step to keeping them alive 

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2. Water plants at the right time 

This is probably just as important as giving plants the proper light. Water is another element that’s essential for plants to live, but overwatering or underwatering can have the same negative effects as lack of light exposure. With some plants, you can’t allow their soil to get dry at all. Other plants are more durable and can survive through days of its soil being dry. You need to get this right. Most plants come with instructions on how often they need to be watered, but even then, it’s up to you to observe how that frequency is impacting your plant’s health. 

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3. Choose the right planter 

This is an underestimated tip. If a plant is in a wrong-sized planter, it literally can’t grow to its full potential. Some plants need to start off in smaller planters before moving on to bigger ones. Others need big planters right away in order for its roots to spread properly. There are even some considerations around the colour of the planter, but we don’t have to take it there. For now, focus on getting the right size and depth, and ensure it includes an option for water drainage or simply age some rocks to the bottom of the planter for the roots don’t rot. 

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4. Wipe down the foliage 

The thing about having houseplants is that they attract dust. Dust makes it more difficult for light to get to the leaves, and it also attracts insects. When you notice your foliage looks a little dull or dusty, get a wet cloth or rag and wipe it down. Be gentle. You don’t want to cause any leaves to fall off. You can also give your plant a “shower.” All that means is you get a spray bottle, fill it with water and moisten the leaves when they don’t look as bright as they should. 

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5. Check on plants weekly 

This step is important because plants are living things. They’re actually like children that need a high level of attention to make sure they’re doing ok. For indoor plants, you should be inspecting them weekly. Observe all the leaves, the soil; check that the colour of the plant is what it’s supposed to be, and if it isn’t, do research to figure out why. The more regularly you inspect your plants, the more quickly you’ll notice problems so that you can fix them accordingly.  

Looking for more tips about indoor plants? Read more about the health benefits of house plants.

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Boomerang workshops can help you care for you houseplants 

Plants are magical. They’re so much more than ornaments for your home, and it’s incredible how attached you become, especially when you care for them and see them grow. They are alive, and it’s your job to keep them that way for as long as possible. All of the tips we mentioned above tips are a great start, but our houseplant workshops offer so much more. Boomerang hosts are true green thumbs and know how to help you better care for your plants. 

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