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5 Must-Have Baking Tools Every Home-Cook Needs

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5 Must-Have Baking Tools Every Home-Cook Needs

They say a chef is only as good as his pots. Well, we don’t know who actually says that, but we do know that if you want to start baking at home, there are some basic tools you can’t go without. These tools are essential if you hope to invite those beautiful smells into your kitchen — freshly baked bread, your favourite flavour cupcakes or whatever baked good makes you feel like you’ve walked into your local bakery. None of this is possible without the right tools and utensils. 

5 essential tools for baking at home 

Baking does take a little bit of know-how. You have to be precise with your ingredients in order to get the perfect texture, flavour and, of course, the taste. When you sign up for Boomerang, you’ll gain access to all of our baking workshops. But there’s no baking without the right tools, so for now, let’s get you ready to go. 

1. Measuring cups and spoons 

There’s no eyeballing ingredients when you’re baking. An extra spoon of sugar or half a cup too much milk, and you’ll be kicking yourself when the final product comes out of the oven. Measuring cups and spoons ensure sure you get the flavour just right, leaving you smiling when you first open that oven. 

High-end cost: $29.99-$115 CAD for 14-piece, stainless steel measuring cups/spoons from Williams Sonoma

Low-end cost: $9.99 CAD for 11-piece, T-Fal measuring cups/spoons from Canadian Tire

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2. Whisk 

Baking is all about mixing ingredients together. Whether it’s wet, dry, or mixing both, you’ll be doing a lot of blending, which makes a whisk a must-have tool. There are all different options of whisks, from wire to plastic that also comes in different sizes. Don’t worry too much about which one you buy. Just choose one or two you like and go with it. 

High-end cost: $13.99 CAD for Oxo Good Grips Balloon Whisk from Amazon

Low-end cost: $4.97 CAD for Goodcook Whisk from Walmart

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3. Wooden spoon 

On the topic of stirring, a wooden spoon is another must-have. Get one that fits your hand well because when you’re baking, you’ll likely be mixing some pretty dense doughs and other blends. It’s also a good idea to have more than one. There’s a lot of mixing going on simultaneously when you’re baking, and you don’t want to keep rinsing out the same spoon every time. 

High-end cost: $61.89 CAD for Natural Wooden Spoons from Hubert

Low-end cost: $8.57 CAD for Wooden Spoons on Etsy

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4. Rubber spatula 

Don’t underestimate how important it is to have a spatula handy. You’ll be using a lot of bowls, and when it’s time to scrape cake mixes or batters into the right oven dish, your rubber spatula becomes an essential tool. They’re also great when you want to scrape together wet and dry ingredients. 

High-end cost: $25 CAD for Revolution Spatula from Le Creuset 

Low-end cost: $14.99 CAD for Silicone Spatula from Bed, Bath & Beyond

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5. Pastry brush 

A pastry brush is not a one-trick pony. You’ll be using it far more than you probably think. Not only will you need it for brushing melted butter or egg wash on lumps of dough, but you’ll also be reaching for this tool when you’re greasing your pans before pouring in any batter. Anything that requires some delicate dabbing, your pastry brush will be right there. 

High-end cost: $27.54 CAD for Professional Quality Silicone Pastry and Basting Brush from Orblue on Amazon

Low-end cost: $4.89 CAD Boar Bristle Pastry brush from Hubert

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Brush up on your baking skills with Boomerang

Learning to bake really does feel like an accomplishment. Whether it’s a passion or a hobby, getting the right tools is always the first step to make sure you’re doing it right. And now that we’ve outlined some price ranges, you can decide on how much you’d like to invest before the next time you preheat your oven. 

By the way, since you’re all set with the right baking tools, why not sign up for one of Boomerang’s online baking workshops? Whether you’re a beginner or looking to try tasty new recipes, you’ll enjoy time with our community as our hosts guide you through the steps you need to make those double chocolate brownies come out just right.  Our virtual lifestyle workshops let you try making new baked goods from your own home. 

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