Hosting with Boomerang

What you need to know about being a Host for the Boomerang community 

What does it mean to be a Host with Boomerang?

When you host with Boomerang, we help you create a memorable experience for everyone who participates. Whether it’s making sure you're comfortable delivering an online session or providing tips on how to expand your audience, Boomerang will be there every step of the way. 

Earn income 

Boomerang shares revenue with our Hosts. 

Get technical support

We’ll walk you through the technical setup and details of hosting

a Boomerang Experience.

Expand your audience

We’ll use our website, social media and weekly newsletter to promote the Experience you’re hosting. 

Want to get a head start? Review our host manual today! 


Meet some of our other Hosts

Are you a business and looking to partner? 

We would love to offer your existing workshops and experiences to our Boomerang community. Tell us more about your business now!  




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