Boosting Attendance

Here are some ideas for how to promote your workshops. 

Consider member feedback

As of October 8th, you will receive direct access to Boomerang member feedback every week, via email. Use this valuable feedback to shape your workshops and regularly check what your attendees are saying.

Add social links to your profile

With new host profiles, you can link out to your online presence on other sites and platforms. Reach out to your Community Coordinator to provide the most up-to-date social information and get it added to your profile.

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Share your profile and workshops 

Share your Boomerang profile with your network to showcase all of your upcoming workshops. To access your Boomerang host profile, visit any one of your upcoming workshops, scroll down until you see "About the host" and click on your profile. For convenience, bookmark this link so it is easy to share.

[Coming Soon] Spotlighting your profile on Boomerang

We are working on improving the Boomerang Home Page to feature different hosts’ profiles front and center. We’re working to release this feature soon - stay tuned for more info once this is live!

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