Our vision

To alleviate loneliness and social isolation for retiring Canadians.

Our mission

To be the largest community for people to connect, learn, and grow authentically as they age.

Why we started Boomerang

Despite being the fastest-growing global demographic, we’re failing to appreciate the knowledge and potential of retired and semi-retired citizens. Instead of rallying behind these individuals, we live in a society where loneliness and social isolation gets worse and worse as we age. While we’re not medical doctors, we’ve studied the issues created by the lack of connection for retired and semi-retired Canadians. Through workshops like creative writing, photography, and organizing your home, we’re creating communities where aging adults can connect through similar interests and begin or continue the process of living life with purpose.

Boomerang started with in-depth research about what ageing and retirement are really like in Canada. Our founders discovered that whereas the image of retirement which many of us hold is very positive (an endless summer at the cottage, sailing away into the sunset on a yacht), the reality is much less glamorous. Millions of Canadians face financial uncertainty, mounting health problems, and high-needs dependents (both children and grandchildren as well as their own ageing parents). On top of this, retirement brings the end of established social networks through full-time work and everyday routines, which contributes to growing loneliness and social isolation.

Boomerang is about shared learning experiences

At the same time, millions of retired Canadians are in a unique position: they have amassed unique skills and experiences over decades of professional and personal learning. Boomerang provides a platform for this rich abundance of knowledge and expertise by inviting our members to design and host their own Boomerang workshops. Whereas online learning that is both highly structured and geared to a younger demographic is very easy to find, Boomerang offers experiential learning opportunities based on interactive, shared experiences instead of mastery over a certain topic. Plus, these experiences are geared toward a mature demographic, so our members are able to meet people who share not just their interests, but also their stage of life.

Boomerang was founded in early 2019, and we haven’t looked back. We started running workshops across the greater Toronto Area and once the pandemic took hold, we switched our focus to online workshops. The response from our members was incredible, and hosting online allowed Boomerang to expand across Canada, and dramatically increase the number of workshops we are able to offer. Today, the Boomerang Team runs many more than 30 workshops in creative, wellness, and lifestyle categories each week. That means our members can learn anything from painting, to cooking to yoga and mindfulness with our friendly Boomerang hosts – all from the comfort of their living rooms.