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Despite being the fastest-growing global demographic, we’re failing to appreciate the knowledge and potential of retired and semi-retired citizens. Instead of rallying behind these individuals, we live in a society where loneliness and social isolation gets worse and worse as we age. While we’re not medical doctors, we’ve studied the issues created by the lack of connection for retired and semi-retired Canadians. Through workshops like creative writing, photography, and organizing your home, we’re creating communities where aging adults can connect through similar interests and begin or continue the process of living life with purpose. 

Boomerang started with a real human need and we built something based on that. Now we see Boomerang as a place for real human connections. Our weekly creative workshops are an opportunity to bring retired and semi-retired Canadians into physical spaces where they can feel safe to share their stories and learn new skills. That being said, the true impact of Boomerang occurs it one step past the initial connection.

Today at Boomerang we are in the process of building the community for retired and semi-retired people in Canada. The Boomerang community today is made up of thousands of registered members, hundreds of whom have come out to the various creative workshops and meetups we hold weekly in Toronto. We're early in our journey but we have big ambitions to grow this online community and product to enable this community to get the most out of the best phase of their lives. 

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